Falling for Vince by Megan Slayer

Falling for Vince by Megan Slayer
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Are second chances possible when the first chance never really happened?

Vince Rhodes has loved Cody Burrows for years, but he’s never been bold enough to ask him out. This wallflower is ready to make a move, so he enlists the help of James, the resident stylist at Dye Hard Style and unofficial matchmaker, to hook him up with his crush. Vince is betting it all on Cody giving him a chance, but will he?

Cody Burrows has admired Vince since they were both in high school. While he was the solid athlete unable to come out, Vince showed his rainbow proudly. Now they’re both older and wiser…and matched up by James. Will Cody allow himself to be free with Vince and find his heart’s delight or will he keep the barriers around his heart forever?

Maybe falling for Vince is just what Cody needs…

Who doesn’t love a second-chance romance?

Cody and Vince went to school together. Vince had a crush on Cody but didn’t act on it. Cody was attracted to Vince but was in the closet at school so just watched from afar. When fairy godmother James gets involved, they meet up and move forward.

These books have been a little formulaic with the beginning. They meet James, who gives them a time and date at Club Jester. They go, they meet, they dance, they misunderstand a situation, they leave, only to try again and succeed. Saying that, this one is my favourite of the bunch. The relationship between Cody and Vince seemed more ‘real’ somehow, as though their relationship from school could be expanded and adjusted to fit them as they are now. I loved how Cody and Vince encourage each other along, giving each other boosts, not knocking them down.

As with the others, it is low-angst with a HEA. A sweet read, perfect for a coffee or lunch break. Recommended by me.

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