Erotic Writer Seeks Men by Heather Kinnane

Erotic Writer Seeks Men by Heather Kinnane
Publisher: Luminosity Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (57 pages)
Other: M/F/M/M, Ménage, Anal Sex
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Lilac

Erotic author Samantha Fox is one of those shy quiet types you need to look out for. Though publicly she still blushes at the faintest sexual innuendo, privately she likes to get all her darkest fantasies down on paper. She’s published one of her steamy novels, but a fear of being discovered led her to tone down the good bits, turning a hot erotic story into mediocre titillation.

Now with a sex life to match her pitiful writing, she’s come up with a grand idea of how to improve both – an ad in the local paper. “Fem. Erotic Author seeks men for experience, experimentation, and inspiration for erotic works.”

At first the whole idea seems to be a complete failure, but then she meets Richard, Jarred and Oliver. Suddenly the stories are flowing again, and Samantha’s love life is busier than it’s ever been.

An erotic writer has a dwindling career due to only writing vanilla sex, so she places an ad in a magazine to gain first-hand experience with, not one or two, but three men.

If you’re looking for a hot erotic quickie where your own imagination does most of the work, then this is for you. If you seek fully fleshed out characters, deep emotional connections, and hot sex that actually means something, then look elsewhere.

None of the characters—Samantha Fox, Oliver, Richard, and Jarred—are given much physical description, hence my statement of your imagination doing most of the work. The three guys are different from each other, though, so that at least is good. Oliver is quiet and brooding, Jarred arrogant and confident, and Richard a pleasurer with a dominant side.

The worst person in this ménage is Samantha, who stutters and blushes, acts coy and playful at the same time, and ticks out all the boxes in the annoying heroine column. However… her character does bring to the foreground the difference between how easily men can engage in sex and how hard the same is for women. Taking a risk might pay off or might not, and the trouble is one never knows beforehand.

The plot is as light as a feather. Sam wants depth to her erotic fiction, so she seeks men with an ad, and then she and her three chosen men have sex, both one-on-one and all four together. No depth, no development, and certainly no realism. But like I said, as an erotic short story, this is okay. Not much above the average, but okay.

Overall, there are better erotic short stories out there. Still, if you like your heroine shy but daring to take a risk and be rewarded by the attention of three gorgeous men, you’ll like this. All three of them have their own personality quirks, and Samantha having sex with them individually was fun to read about. This is definitely all about sexploration, and not much else.

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