Entwined by Elyzabeth M. Valey

Entwined by Elyzabeth M. Valey
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Mallory Brown doesn’t go home with strangers, and while she’s all for a great spanking, she doesn’t do BDSM relationships. Fantasizing is more her speed. And when she catches a glimpse of Master Murphy, fantasies fill her brain.

But Master Murphy has other plans. He enters her life full-steam and won’t take no for an answer. While she’s compelled to say yes, is she really ready to say goodbye to her world as she knows it to become permanently entwined with His?

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I found this to be a lovely, kinky and spicy short story. I mentally gave Mallory some major kudos for sticking to her rules and not just immediately taking Mason up on his offer when he asked her to play on their first meeting. Mallory had a fairly firm personal rule of keeping her BDSM light and uncomplicated – a bit of fun and spanking then heading home by herself and giving herself sexual satisfaction. While it slowed the story somewhat I felt respect for Mallory that she knew her person limitations – and knew that Mason would blast through her reserve and change her needs and desires – and she was reluctant to just throw caution to the wind. Her strong sense of self and sticking to her guns appealed to me and I loved this aspect to her character.

I felt quite conflicted about the paranormal aspect to the story. While I could see it added an extra element to the story – having shifters “out” in the world and the complexities that added to human and shifter interactions, in many respects this extra element felt a bit lost amongst the BDSM aspects to the story and the complexities of Mallory and Mason’s growing relationship. It felt a little like there was just one element too many in such a short story – and while individually they were all excellent plot points and very well written, it felt a little crammed together to me and there just wasn’t the time and space to really unpack and enjoy each one.

Readers who enjoy BDSM scenes should find this story really suits their needs. There is quite a descriptive scene shared between Mallory and Mason toward the end of the story and I feel it’s quite well written. Steamy and sexy I enjoyed the chemistry between Mallory and Mason and feel it should definitely satisfy most erotic readers. I personally felt that Mallory’s capitulation – both sexually and in relation to their bond – was a little sudden and didn’t feel overly realistic or logical to me. I think in large part this was due to the short length of the story and Mallory leaned a lot of new data in a short space of time and so her decisions from this appeared at least to me to come quite suddenly. A part of me wished these aspects were a bit better explained and there was more time for the reader to keep up with everything that was happening.

Sexy and kinky with two interesting and well-layered characters this was a good and hot read.

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