End Of Summer by D.C. Williams

End Of Summer by D.C. Williams
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (57 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Wake and Cody finally have their happily ever after home, but life is a little more complicated than they had expected.

Wake and Cody’s new house is everything they had imagined, but money is tight. Then Cody’s family’s past intrudes on their lives, with additional expenses, and a house full of secrets.

Wake and Cody might have long commutes to their respective jobs, but being in their own home more than made up for it. They’re both blissfully happy and deeply in love. Even though they’re a bit strapped for cash, they decide to hold an End Of Summer barbecue for their friends as family. But before they can get that organized, tragedy strikes and their world is turned upside down again.

I really enjoyed this short story. While I have a feeling there might be other books previous to this one, I picked it up easily enough and was able to happily follow the story with no problems. I thoroughly enjoyed the authors tone of voice and found myself quickly invested in Wake and Cody’s relationship and the drama going on in their lives. I liked how normal the author made them both seem. Laundry and long commutes, satisfaction at finally living together and mild concern over their jobs and money situation. I found both men interesting and relatable.

There was not a lot of conflict in the plot, but I was still quite intrigued to read about Cody dealing with the death of his estranged father. It made for a strongly emotional read. There wasn’t much action or intrigue, but the plot was interesting enough to maintain my interest. Family, relationships and all the emotional drama relating to that made for a solid plot and while it hadn’t been what I was expecting I still enjoyed it. I felt some of the resolution was a little pat, but this didn’t detract for me liking either character. The sex was tasteful and nowhere near as explicit as many M/M erotica pieces out there. While definitely sensual and sexy, I found the focus of the story really is centered on the relationships – not the sex. This would be a good book that I’d recommend to friends unsure of the M/M genre as a great introduction. Passion and intimacy but nothing earth-shattering or envelope pushing. Just an easy, romantic story that happens to be about two men.

A quick, interesting read with two great characters I thoroughly enjoyed. A gentle and sensual M/M story that I feel will appeal to a broad range of readers.

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