Drive Your Truck by Julia Talbot

Drive Your Truck by Julia Talbot
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (130 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Home on compassionate leave for his brother’s funeral, Navy SEAL Garrison Matthews needs to blow off a lot of stress and grief before he returns to active duty. In honor of his brother, he takes Bettie, the brothers’ souped-up vintage truck, out for a spin. A bit of an adrenaline junkie, Garrison has no problem finding trouble. This time trouble’s named Walt, and he happens to be Garrison’s sister-in-law’s brother.

Neither man expects their fun to amount to anything else, but after an injury sends Garrison home for good, he turns to Walt, hoping to start a new life. Walt is a closeted sheriff’s deputy, and while he adores Garrison, he isn’t sure he’s ready to come out… or for such a big commitment. Being fresh out of the service isn’t easy on Garrison either. To find their happy ending, Walt and Garrison must overcome their trust issues and get ready to settle down together.

Garrison Matthews is shocked at his brother’s untimely death. Although he’d seen plenty of pictures, he only met his brother Brandon’s wife, Kylie, and her brother, Walt, the day of the funeral. A Navy SEAL, Garrison is used to doing difficult things, but nothing so far has prepared him for his brother’s death. When Walt offers to take him away from the wake for some decent food at a local restaurant, Garrison jumps at the chance to escape, even for just a short time. Walt is still in the closet – a cop in a small-minded, small town, and Garrison is only on a week’s leave. Even knowing this, the two men can’t help themselves as the chemistry sparks between them.

While at first I was unsure at how fast Garrison and Walt hooked up — especially at Garrison’s brothers funeral — the author really put me at ease with a comment Garrison made, how Brandon would have thought it was funny and cool. That broke the tension for me and I could really ease back and enjoy reading Garrison and Walt coming together. The fact there was tons of chemistry between them and the sex was smoking hot really helped me too. I also really enjoyed the sub-plot of Garrison and Brandon’s truck, Bettie. I’m not really a car person, but I really felt Garrison getting Bettie helped show in a unique way how he could deal with his grief over the loss of Brandon. This really felt to me like it added to the emotion and depth both of Garrison’s character and the plot.

I really enjoyed this story. Despite the hot sex, it’s still incredibly emotional. I love how the author has shown us so much of Walt and Garrison’s thoughts and feelings. This made me feel really connected with them both and gave the story a much deeper meaning than two men hooking up and falling for each other. Although the men have sex from early in the book, there is still a slow pace of Garrison and Walt getting to know each other. There is plenty of time and detail in how their relationship blossoms and grows. This isn’t a fast-paced novel, and I rather enjoyed that aspect to it, the feeling of more depth and time taken for the two men to settle into each other’s lives fully. Recommended.

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