Dreamcatcher by Julia Rohatyn

Dreamcatcher by Julia Rohatyn
Publisher: Neve Ilan Books
Genre: Mystery/Suspense, Contemporary
Length: Full length (254 pages)
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Snowdrop
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An invitation to spend the weekend at her friend Ron’s Maine country inn ends in murder and sends Rebecca Bauer scurrying back to Boston, but when he is accused of murder, she organizes a team of lawyers and detectives. They solve a two-hundred-year-old crime to get the clues that will crack the case. The search for information about the Abenaki Indian victim leads to breathtaking discoveries about the people who were here first. The dark Maine forests that surround the inn hold mysteries and unexpected dangers for Rebecca whose nosiness risks a murderous response by the killer. There is no shortage of suspects. Maybe it is the selfish, apparently promiscuous, trophy wife, or the victim’s violent cousin, or the suspicious partner. Her search will reveal another kind of secret when she discovers, to her amazement, that the native tribes who still live in small groups in New England have been here for thousands of years. Their ancient legends and dreams open a way to solutions to both murders.

What a good read. Not a long, heavy novel, but rather a short book that I could not put down. I liked the setting…an Inn with a haunted room (or so the proprietress thinks) and a manager from a big hotel who is there to visit and advise a little. The whole thing sort of mixed cozy and business together, and I liked it. Both the owner and Rebecca have some business they need help with. Thus, starts a story of twists and turns, a little humor, and a little murder, at the Greenwood Inn.

Rohatyn’s characters were well-defined. Some quirky, some practical and business-like, some hard workers; just a whole mix and match of interesting people. The characters were crafted so well, you could picture them. This book does have a few chapters of swinging back and forth between the 1700’s and the present. While this can sometimes be confusing that was not true at all here. The two stories while clear, were not totally connected but rather one sort of set the stage for the other.

I think you can recognize my appreciation for this story already but to summarize… it was a fun and very quick read. One well worth my time.


  1. Tracie Cooper says

    I would love to read this book!

  2. nice cover

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