Dragon Warrior by Diana Green

Dragon Warrior by Diana Green
Dragon Clan #2
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (145 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Harith is a dragon-shifter with something to prove. As the son of a clan chieftain, he has an impressive family legacy to live up to and a driving need to make his father proud. When this leads to a rash confrontation with monstrous enemies, his life will be changed forever.

Nyssa seems to be nothing more than an ordinary peasant woman, but appearances can be deceiving. In truth, she is a fugitive, hiding from a barbaric clan of dragon-shifters who live in the northern wastes. Can she maintain her disguise, and if not, will her clansmen come to claim their own?

Harith and Nyssa cross paths in the winter forest. From the start, a fire is kindled between them, but their way is not clear. She lives with the constant fear of discovery, and he is betrothed to another. Can their love win through these obstacles, and what if the northern dragons attack? Will Harith be able to protect his home and loved ones?

“Her fiery red curls would be a warning flag to any potential game.”

Harith, while following a couple of trolkin, meets his mate and is introduced to his mate’s barbaric clan. It’s simple but not so simple.

The whole story was weaved with extreme care and attention because it portrayed Harith as the star. It was written so that this reader, who had never read the first book, didn’t at any point think that this might be a series. It didn’t feel like I was missing out on information that was important or necessary but missing because it had been revealed in a previous book.

The characters had their own personalities and was easily defined and showed in every facet of the individuals without straying too far off topic. If I had to, I could go on and explain every character in detail. For me, that is a huge achievement because it doesn’t happen in a lot of books I’ve read.

Harith is a powerful dragon who adores his siblings and hopes to make his father proud. But he is arranged to wed a princess who is a long way away from being anything near what he wants in a mate.

Nyssa is a dragon with a secret. Hiding in a human village was out of necessity. But after she meets Harith she is glad that she had to. Nyssa is a fiery haired dragon with immense strength, passion and will to protect that rivals any warrior.

The plot and story pulled me in with every word and painted a clear picture of every scene. I can’t say I finished it in a single sitting but only because it was because I didn’t want it to end. I tried to prolong the action as long as I could but my curiosity couldn’t be denied.

Dragon Warrior was descriptive and evoked some serious emotions out of me. I was right there with every emotion that the characters experienced.

I hated to see this one end and I’m sure any reader with a love for dragons would love this series, too.


  1. This sounds like a fabulous read! I will definitely be adding it to my TBR! Thank you for sharing, Sorrel!

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