Dragon Fate by Elsa Jade

Dragon Fate by Elsa Jade
Masters of the Flame, Mating Fever
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

He longed for the fury of the mating fever.
She had the magic to touch his dragon heart.

Unlike the other Nox Incendi dragons, Torch Dorado never sought his treasure, the hoard that would bring peace to his inner beast. But when he hunts down Anjali Herne, he may have found the first scintillating jewel to tame his dragon heart.

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I can’t believe I didn’t follow up with the next book in the Masters of the Flame series! I read Rave and Piper’s story but I missed Torch’s HEA. I am glad I rediscovered Torch’s story because the third book in the trilogy was also published so I can go from this one to the next. How fun!

Torch’s story was worth the wait. I actually had to re-read Dragon Fever so I could get a refresher about all the secondary characters. Doing so rekindled the excitement of the world of dragons that Ms. Jade created. I was more than ready to jump into Dragon Fate to find out what was going on with Anjali because she wasn’t very likable in the first book. After reading this novel, I get it. I understand why she did what she did and I was actually relieved to find out that she was a victim too. Not that it’s a good thing, it’s not, but I understand her choices – she based them on what she knew and believed. The reality was quite the shock for the heroine. I had my suspicions but I never would have guessed just to what level of depravity the person was willing to go. Anjali ends up being a stronger individual than I expected. That’s a good thing too.

The mystery/suspense comes from the danger, the escapes, and the battle. Once the main characters, and supporting cast, finally discover what was going on and who was behind it all, things really took off. Again, I wasn’t surprised that the villain was evil, nor was I shocked that he wouldn’t let go, wouldn’t stop. I was, however, stunned by the scope of it all.

This is also an erotic romance story because the verbiage and actions are typical for the genre. Those sexy scenes were definitely well written. There’s some internal conflict with Anjali that causes some hiccups in the progression of the romance and I guess that worked. It’s when Torch and the heroine get together – lots of finger, lip and teasing action eventually leads to them both being satisfied, more than once. Nothing like a commanding dragon in the bedroom. *grin*

If I were to take out the sexcapades in the novel, this book would still fly because the plot, character development and action scenes are strong enough to keep those pages flipping. Torch and Anjali’s chemistry is just icing on the cake.

Dragon Fate was worth the wait, the read and the time spent. I like Ms. Jade’s dragons. They’re alpha, sexy and fun. I’m looking forward to finding out how Bale is going to get cured and if the bad guy finally gets his comeuppance. After reading this story, he deserves whatever he gets.

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