Dragon Companion by Don Callander

Dragon Companion by Don Callander
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (299 Pages)
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

Human Seeks Employment. Former Librarian with Dragonriding Skills

Thomas Whitehead, a mild mannered librarian from Iowa becomes magically transported to the magical kingdom of Carolna. Tom soon discovers his new home has knights and castles, magic, and talking dragons.

Tom has a chance meeting with the dragon, Retruance Constable, who finds him interesting enough to “adopt” him as his Dragon Companion.

Tom’s life becomes even more complicated when he must take part in driving invaders out of the castle, rescuing a fair princess, and capturing a traitor to the king. Not exactly in a normal librarian’s job description…

Tom Whitehead is a librarian from Iowa who works at the Library of Congress. However, one day, as he is “daydreaming of a lady of his acquaintance,” and thinking about his doctoral research on late Medieval poetry, he suddenly finds himself in the magical kingdom of Carolna. There he makes the acquaintance of a dragon, Retruance Constable, who adopts Tom as his Dragon Companion. Just as Tom starts to learn about this new world, he is called upon to drive invaders out of Murdan the Historian’s castle. Thus begins a wonderful story filled with adventure and intrigue.

The kingdom of Carolna is truly magical, peopled with elves, replete with dragons, and described in rich detail so that I quickly went along with Tom on this marvelous adventure. Tom is the only non-magical person, the only human, in the story and he quickly demonstrates his practical aptitude for solving difficult situations without the use of magic, thus confounding the evil-doers who have warded themselves against magic. They have no defense against Tom.

I like the characters in Dragon Companion. They are fully developed and very real. It is easy to route for Tom, Retruance, Murdan, and others, and I really cared about what happens to them. I held my breathe during the kidnappings. I worried about the king’s unhappy pregnant wife. And I hoped above all else that the villains would be caught.

The pacing is excellent and I was totally caught up in each and every adventure. Readers of fantasy, especially readers who enjoy dragons, will certainly be captivated by this charming and exciting adventure.

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