Double or Nothing by N.J. Walters

Double or Nothing by N.J. Walters
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (86 Pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, Menage, Anal Play/Sex
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

After ten years away from home, Cherry Edmonds returns to West Texas when her father is ill and dying. Now she is left to deal with the estate and pick up the pieces of her life. The past is waiting for her in the form of Wesson and Remington Smith, the two brothers she was half in love with when she was eighteen.

Wes and Remy know they’re different from most men. They are both in love with Cherry and have been since they were kids. One night of hot sex leaves all of them wanting more, but she believes their time together is just a one-night stand. It’s up to the Smith brothers to prove their love for Cherry and their commitment to the ménage, and to convince Cherry she’s definitely capable of loving two Texas cowboys.

Cherry Edmonds left her West Texas home ten years ago, planning never to return. Now she’s back to care for her dying father, and trying to avoid what drove her away so long ago; sinfully hot and sexy brothers Wesson and Remington Smith. Now she has to settle the estate, and try to get back to her own life, while trying to keep her heart from being shattered by leaving these two men again. She loves both, and can’t stand the thought of choosing one and hurting the other. She doesn’t realize that they are both in this for keeps, and are not looking for the normal relationship; they want Cherry to spend the rest of her life with both of them, together. Cherry thinks she will have a onetime fling with them, and move on, but she didn’t figure on the temptation these two hot cowboys offer for a happy ever after. Will she leave, shattering the hopes and dreams of three hearts, or will Cherry find the courage to accept what her two hot cowboys offer her…love and a future with both of them.

Double or Nothing is a hot and sweetly passionate tale of love revisited and dreams coming true. N.J. Walters has created a world of passion and romance, with hot cowboys and the woman who once ran away rather than hurt either of them by choosing. I like this world, and could not put this down, waiting to see what Cherry would decide. The dynamic between these three people is hot and very believable, and I really liked the way each of the men interacted with Cherry, showing both their similarities and their differences.

Cherry Edmonds is a strong woman, but she wasn’t as strong at eighteen, when she ran from Wes and Remy rather than hurt either of them by choosing only one. Now she is ten years wiser, and believes she can have one little taste before going back to her life away from West Texas. I enjoyed watching as the men slowly got past her defenses and convinced her that she should take a chance on the unconventional relationship with them.

Wesson and Remington smith (Wes and Remy) have waited ten long years for Cherry to come home, and they are determined not to let her get away again. Both men are handsome and sexy cowboys, but each has their own unique personality. I enjoyed the interplay and verbal sparring both men had with Cherry, and the different arguments they had to counter each of her protests. I also liked that they provided a united front, accepting Cherry as she is, asking only that she give them all a chance at happiness together.

Double or Nothing drew me right into the story from the first page, and took me to the edge of my seat a couple of times. There was laughter, some sniffling and lots of scorching hot bedroom antics to keep me enthralled until the final page. The characters are folks I’d like to meet again somewhere down the way, once they have had some time together to grow and build their unique family. I recommend this one for those who like hot cowboys and sexy ménage action.

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