Don’t Say Goodnight, Irene by Gabriella Lucas

Don’t Say Goodnight, Irene by Gabriella Lucas
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (53 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

He can’t reveal the truth. She won’t be conned by lies.

Retired detective Irene Rohan was always too busy getting criminals off the streets to take time for love. Now she’s made an exception for Ted O’Keefe, but she’s not so sure he is who he says. Is he one of the good guys, or is he exactly the kind of scum she used to put behind bars?

Ted O’Keefe has managed to keep his life a secret, even from Irene. He never meant to get involved with her in the first place, and she has come along at the worst possible time. Telling her the truth might get them both killed, so the smart thing to do is push her away.

But how can he let her go?

Irene is picking up her oldest friend, Aggie, and Aggie’s new husband Sam at the airport. Having been gone for three months on their honeymoon in Africa, Aggie and Sam have missed a lot of what’s occurred to Irene – but she refuses to unload her woes immediately, unwilling to put a damper on their blissful new love. But when Irene crashes her car in Sam’s front yard and gets a nasty bump to the head, she’s forced to spend the night at Aggie and Sam’s. The truth of her relationship falling apart comes out, and so much more.

This is a delightfully complex book. Irene and Aggie are in their sixties – but that certainly doesn’t slow them down. Irene is an ex-cop now turned PI and the deeper into the plot I read the more she surprised me. I thoroughly enjoyed learning all the twists and turns the author embellished into the story. While I never did realize quite why Irene was so reticent in discussing recent happenings in her life with Aggie—and found it mildly frustrating that Aggie had to all but pull answers from Irene—the reward of the intricacies of the plot were well worth it. About half way through the book the pace really picks up and I thought the author came into her own. The characters were well-rounded, the plot outrageously fun and the pace of the action started racing ahead.

A fun, highly different read, this is a wonderful book filled with surprises. I found it to be well paced from the middle onwards and greatly enjoyed it. The romance is sensual – hot, but not explicit enough you can’t share it with a friend or family member – and the plot is solid, deeply formed and certainly enough to sink your teeth into. While the start is a bit spotty in places I found this to be a great read and wonderful book.


  1. Gabriella Lucas says:

    The author here! Thank you for the wonderful review. I hope you will read my other books and spread the word.
    Thanks again,

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