Divine Knight by Michelle L. Levigne

Divine Knight by Michelle L. Levigne
A Neighborlee, Ohio, Novel
Publisher: Uncial Press
Genre: Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (163 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Equinox: Maurice has a day of full-size freedom to spend with his true love, Holly. Their day of fun ends in panic, when Angela is attacked and the defenses of Divine’s Emporium are breached. In the search to find out who hired thieves to steal books full of inimical magic from the shop and provided them with magic charms to do it, Angela’s memories are stirred. Strange dreams disturb her sleep and she asks questions she hasn’t thought of in decades.

Ethan Jarrod, a particularly gifted P.I. with some mysteries of his own, joins forces with local P.I. John Stanzer to identify Angela’s enemies. Is Jarrod the knight from her dreams, or the final weapon of her enemies, to destroy all the magic of Divine’s Emporium and Angela herself?

Neighborlee is a college town with magic! Ordinary citizens don’t see the magic but the creatures from other worlds make Neighborlee their base when in the human world. At the center of the magical world – but at the edge of the town – is Divine’s Emporium and its guardian, Angela. Beside her in this magical store is Maurice, a Fae who has broken the rules. He has to serve out his probation at the Emporium and part of his punishment is being shrunk to six inches tall and having wings on his back, although he is allowed one day a year at normal size.

Angela’s world is shaken when two robbers bypass the magical safeguards of the Emporium, something that should not be able to happen. When she confronts them they throw her into a painting which is a doorway to an unfriendly world. Luckily she clings to the frame and Maurice returns home from his one day a year as a normal size in time to rescue her.

This is another stupendous book about Neighborlee. Maurice is cheeky but learning to think of others, especially librarian Holly who he has fallen in love with. Angela tries to remember her past while struggling to defend Divine’s. Behind these two important characters are the magical beings of Neighborlee. Lanie, the paraplegic newspaper editor with telekinetic abilities; the children of the Hunt who in reality are adults from another world protected by the Hounds.

A new character to the novels is Ethan, a private investigator who has been hired to find a missing girl. His search leads him to Neighborlee but he brings chaos and evil with him. He and Angela sense there is a link between them but until the threat to Divine’s Emporium is over, neither is willing to take a step into the past.

I love these books. They always make me feel as if I’m sitting in front of a roaring fire with a mug of hot chocolate, relaxing as I read the book. Ms Levigne has a marvelous way of showing me the world she has created and making me believe all I read. Well written and wonderful. Great book.

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