Dirty Bad Boy by Mira Lyn Kelly

Dirty Bad Boy by Mira Lyn Kelly
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (181 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

I’m not a total dick…

Most days, I’m a damned decent guy. Just not around my buddy’s sister.
She’s sexy as sin, sharp as hell, and she’s also the lush little harpy who’s been rubbing me wrong since we were kids.

I don’t want to do her a favor…

If it had been any other damsel in distress looking to shake some unwanted attention, I’d have been the perfect fake boyfriend for all of five minutes.
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But Laurel brings out the bastard in me, and five minutes hardly seemed enough time to make her squirm.

She wants to one-up me…

And I want to win. But maybe I need a favor too.

This story captures hot chemistry between two old friends, or rather, friends in denial, who are greatly attracted to each other but won’t admit it at first. Laurel and Jack are brought together after several years in desperate and humorous circumstances. Right away, they both come across as real at the hands of an author skilled with characterization. The dual-point of view moves the pace along quickly.

Laurel and Jack are two characters that readers can like and care about. Jack tries to convince himself that he’s worse than he is, but he’s not. And Laurel is fair with him, usually.

The interaction between these two is amusing, heat-filled, and playful. They have fun giving each other a hard time. It’s rude-sounding banter, but not mean-spirited, and when they reflect on their childhood together, there are some cute moments. As time rolls along, and Laurel and Jack spend time together, strange things happen, unexpected feelings sneak in against their will. The chemistry between them is amazing, but those feelings get more complicated as they develop, but do Laurel and Jack feel the same way about each other? This makes for some great tension, and when things get more physical, they get really exciting. Will things take a turn for the romantic? Is depth possible between these two?

When they have to pretend to be dating and then engaged, the situation calls for some misunderstandings. There were misinterpretations in the past between them, and when they talk about it, really intense feelings come out. The scenes are written well, very descriptive.

And just when everything seems perfect, something happens, threatening everything, and stirring up serious trouble, making the story more delicious with its suspense.

This is an enjoyable story of friendship and love that many readers will love.

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