Dinner with a Highland Ghost by Julia Barrett

Dinner with a Highland Ghost by JR Barrett
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (60 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Emma Rose Steen arrives in the Highlands of Scotland hoping for a much needed breath of fresh air. Not only has the Arizona summer been a scorcher, she’s just barely managed to survive two miscarriages, the divorce from hell, and in the process she’s given up her life’s work—her beloved restaurant.

She never expects to encounter another living person on her first hike to Loch Ness, let alone a kilt-wearing bare-chested long-haired Highland hottie.

Pity he’s also dead.

John Charles McGregor has haunted the mountains above Loch Ness for three hundred years. Nobody has seen him, spoken to him. The solitude is torture, but in all that time he’s found no pathway leading to either heaven or hell. Until now. Until a woman from the Colonies, Emma Rose Steen, speaks to him.

He knows deep in his heart that her presence in his mountains heralds his release from purgatory.

Get ready for a romance story that will give you goose bumps in the best possible way. Don’t let the lower page count fool you because within the pages of Dinner with a Highland Ghost is one of the most complete, heartfelt, romantic and beautiful stories I’ve read in a while. I was left with joyful sniffles in the end because I was feeling that powerfully happy. And it’s the ending that gave me the goosebumps. It was the perfect wrap-up.

Ms. Barrett needs to be given a lot of credit for writing a story using a plot technique that’s been used before, but never like this. At least I have never seen it done in this manner. It made sense; it was magical, mystical and wonderfully loving and special.

John is a very lonely Highland ghost. No one to talk to for three hundred years, he’s so sad and alone that he’s tried to die many times over that span of time. The problem is, he’s already dead, how much more dead can a dead guy get? That’s why I rooted for the hero; I wanted to save him.

It was up to the heroine from America, Emma, to be the first one, the only one, to ever see him and speak to him. Not only that but she could TOUCH him. Can you imagine the sheer overwhelming volume of feelings that can overcome a man when not only a woman can see and talk to him, but a beautiful one at that? John went into sensual overload but it turns out that Emma was with him all the way. Her life was in a tailspin and what she found in those hours and days with John was more than anything she ever dreamed of and certainly never got from all the men she had had in her life. They both grabbed onto the experience of being with one another with both arms and legs wrapped tight. Emma and John both needed that physical connection for different reasons but what they discovered in each other’s arms was pure magic.

The problem with being a ghost is, when your time comes, it comes and sometimes even love can’t ground you. That’s when my emotions were completely engaged and I truly felt Emma’s pain and loss. But, she found strength too and in embracing the gift of time she’d been given with John, she moved on with her life. In doing so she made an incredible discovery. It blew my socks off and it’s the reason why I commend Ms. Barrett for her clever writing and exceptional craftsmanship because she presented a reader with a wonderful, believable premise for bringing the lovers together again. It was a welcomed surprise and it made my day. It’s the best happy ever after ever!

Dinner with a Highland Ghost is a true gem, a romantic marvel that engages the senses and delivers a full bodied romance that is sure to please. I’m thrilled that I can put this book on my keeper shelf. When I need a quick dose of satisfying ‘happy’, I’ll know exactly which book to pick up:  Dinner with a Highland Ghost. It’s that good.

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