Deception Cove by Jayne Castle

Deception Cove by Jayne Castle
Publisher: Jove Books
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full Length (254 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

In the world of Harmony, Rainshadow Island is home to a mysterious preserve, secrets that have been kept for centuries, and a treasure worth killing for…

As a light-talent, Alice North has the rare ability to make things disappear, including herself—a gift that comes in handy during her magic act with her dust bunny Houdini.

Business mogul Drake Sebastian is day-blind, since his sight was nearly destroyed in a lab accident. But he’s the one man who can see Alice when she disappears—and he needs her.

On Rainshadow Island, two dangerous Old World crystals are missing, igniting a paranormal storm. Drake thinks Alice is the key to finding them, and proposes they head there, but only after a Marriage of Convenience.

Alice’s honeymoon on Rainshadow is guaranteed to be memorable, as the island—and the passion between her and Drake—is about to explode…

Houdini is the best name for a dust bunny. Those little fluff balls are my favorite characters in all of the Rainshadow and Harmony novels. Deception Cove has been out for a while and I know I’ve read it before, but, I forgot and bought it again. It took me until I was half way through the book before I remembered parts of the story and the light bulb went off. The book was as fascinating and surprising as the first time around so I can claim unequivocally that this book has awesome re-readability.

One thing I simply did not remember was the revelation of the origin of the dust bunnies that inhabit the whole planet. I’m glad I forgot the first time because I got to relive the wonder, amazement and astonishment at what I learned. How Drake figured out how to unlock the secrets was page turning. In fact, this whole book is a page turner. Every chapter brought with it clues as to what it might be that is messing with the water, causing ginormous cockroaches to appear and who ultimately is behind the chaos. Once the body appeared, then things really got interesting. Who wants Alice dead? Why? She’s an orphan, what could she possible know? The heroine finds out part of the truth early on but the rest is shared with readers later and it’s a humdinger.

Drake is like most of Ms. Castle’s heroes – dominant, commanding, icy, and so passionately sexy once they focus on the women they fall in love with, readers might get hot flashes. Unlike some of the heroes in past books, Drake is less overbearing and annoying and more like a partner and protector of Alice. His feelings for her are clear by his actions and how he responds to people about her, then anything he actually says to the heroine. When it comes to her, his body language is very convincing. What a yummy guy.

Another thing that kept the pages turning was the cast of characters. There’s someone that doesn’t ring true, some that do, the kids and their games with the dust bunnies, and then there’s the almost mother-in-law from looney land who has a lot of money and a lot of hate. I thought for sure things would wrap up with her being the culprit but there’s a clever twist. She’s involved but not. You have to read the novel to figure out that kink.

My favorite part about these novels is the happy ever after. Just when you think it’s about to wrap up, the author slides in that extra oomph that makes a reader’s jaw drop and only then does the happy ever after get finished. It’s like eating the last of the best cereal in the world and you’re sad, until you find the secret toy at the bottom. It’s all good but the best is saved for last. That’s what it’s like for me reading a Jayne Castle book. I can count on a great story with a lot of action, suspense, drama, humor, fascinating references to aliens, a different culture and weapons and animal names. And the one other thing that is a constant is the wonderfully sensual, sexy romance that blossoms between, in this case, Drake and Alice. Deception Cove delivers to readers the high standard and quality of writing Ms. Castle is known for. I’m a happy reader and am thrilled to recommend to any fans of Ms. Castle’s who might have missed it the first time around. And, for those that have never read a book in the series, they’re in for a treat because it’s a standalone. So, pick up a copy of Deception Cove and fall in love too.

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