Death Rub by Ashantay Peters

Death Rub by Ashantay Peters
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc
Genre: Suspense/Mystery, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (244 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Thornapple

Class reunions can be murder – even after finding the perfect dress.

Struggling massage therapist Maggie Jenkins only worries about rent, ducking her fifteen-year high school class reunion and whether she’s too old for her new boyfriend. Until she finds her client dead with no one else in the building. And all clues point to Maggie.

Construction supervisor Cam Darrow knows the seven-year difference between him and Maggie means nothing when love is at work. Convincing her to believe in him isn’t easy when her first love returns to town, evidently set on winning Maggie back. Not to mention the increasing stack of evidence against Maggie makes Cam worry she’ll be permanently out of his reach – in prison.

When another of Maggie’s classmates dies, it’s apparent the Class of 1999 produced more than graduates. Will the murderer add Maggie to the growing roster of death?

This book is just the right kind of romantic mystery that would be perfect to curl up with a cold winter night or a lazy weekend afternoon.

Maggie has worked hard to build a life for herself as a massage therapist. She has a devoted boyfriend, even if the seven year gap in their ages has her concerned. She has all but forgotten the pain and betrayals from high school which are all in the past now. But, with Maggie’s high school reunion fast approaching, she is reminded of all those rivalries, and the backstabbing and teenage angst. It was a time in her life she would rather forget, but someone from her class is harboring more than just a little resentment. When a murder takes place, it looks like one of Maggie’s old classmate could be responsible, but it’s Maggie who becomes the primary suspect.

With people coming into town to attend the reunion, Maggie meets up with her old high school boyfriend, Travis, who claims he wants a second chance with her. But, her old nemesis from high school, the one who stole Travis away from her, is still hell bent on destroying anything that Maggie has.  When it becomes clear Maggie may be arrested for murder she and her friends do a little sleuthing on their own, which gets them some unwanted attention.

I agree that high school angst and the old pains we suffered can stick with us for years to come, no matter how silly that is. However, murder usually isn’t a part of the equation. In this case it is and I loved how Maggie and her friends became partners to solve the crime.

I enjoyed this book quite a bit and found Maggie a character I could relate to. She’s a little sassy and sarcastic at times, but is a good person with the same frailties all us are prone to, making her a believable and real character. The secondary characters are her friends Ginger and Katie. Each one of them adds their own quirkiness and humor and are super supportive of each other.

I am always a sucker for the amateur sleuth type mysteries. This book is a whodunit in the cozy mystery vain with a romantic suspense blend. There is no graphic violence, just a light mystery with great characters and a plot that kept me guessing all the way to the end.


  1. Thank you, Thornapple, for the four star review! I am pleased to know you enjoyed reading my book, and especially that I kept you guessing the murder’s identity. I appreciate your positive comments.

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