Dear Stranger by Suzanna Medeiros

Dear Stranger by Suzanna Medeiros
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (50 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Poppy

At a masked ball, where no one is what they seem, a jaded rake is surprised by his reaction to the one woman he should not pursue.

During a masked ball, Sophie Crandle’s mask gives her the courage she needs to follow the man she expects to propose to her into the gardens, where she brazenly asks him for the one thing that will tell her if she can accept him—a kiss. And what a kiss it is! Her elation turns to horror, however, when she realises she is kissing the wrong man. The man who has awakened her desire is not the man who is courting her, but his brother, the Earl of Dearbourne. A notorious rake, he is more likely to ruin Sophie than provide her with the social acceptance she needs.

Richard Hearst, the Earl of Dearbourne, receives the shock of his life when he discovers the beautiful woman falling apart in his arms thinks she is kissing someone else. He is determined to claim her for himself…even if the man she is meant for is his brother.

A compact, complete story that touched my heart and steamed up my ereader!

Dear Stranger was a sweet romance with a heroine, Sophie Crandall, who was determined to both follow her heart and to do what is right. At first, it seems this will be an easy task, as she discovers she is very much attracted to the man she plans to marry when she kisses him in a dark garden one night. Only as it turns out, the man she kissed is not who she believed and all her best laid plans go awry.

I loved following Sophie as she struggled with difficult decisions. She has an aunt who is utterly unsympathetic, and an almost fiancé, Henry, who isn’t really any more interested in her than she is in him. But duty is duty, and they both try to do the right thing.

However, Henry’s brother Richard is equally determined to lead Sophie astray. This isn’t such a difficult task as Sophie is desperately attracted to him, and they embark on a secret affair.

Ms. Medeiros makes this quite believable, despite the stifling traditions of the times, as Sophie is not entirely respectable and Richard certainly isn’t. The sex scenes are well written, detailed and certainly get the blood flowing – woo hoo! – but don’t expect much beyond the vanilla. If you’re looking for kink, you won’t find it here, but if you want an adorable couple, who fall sweetly in love and manage to really heat up the sheets while they do and if you enjoy a hard fought happy ending, then Dear Stranger is a good choice. Despite its few pages, it’s a very complete story with heat and heart.

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