Daughter Of The Deepwood by Holly Bargo

Daughter Of The Deepwood by Holly Bargo
Publisher: Hen House Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full length (308 pages)
Heat level: Spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Chamomile

Lifetime imprisonment for an immortal doesn’t bear consideration. As cold iron burns his skin and dampens his magic, fae captain Falco wrenches power and freedom from the broken body of another prisoner—a witchbreed female—tossed into his cell to make room for a new harvest of criminals. Honor and obligation mandate that he not abandon her.

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Lost in a foreign culture, spurned by the fae, her body unfamiliar to her, and unable to believe in Falco’s professed affections, Calista makes her own destiny and realizes the fate of an unfriendly nation rests upon her shoulders.

Once again I am blown away by this author’s ability to create worlds and characters that captivate and haunt in equal parts. This in the second book in this series, and as with the first, I found myself instantly drawn into the story.

This one looks at different characters, and takes yet another look at this beautiful world, and the magical creatures that live there. A Fae imprisioned, forced to rely on another unknown prisoner. Yet when their fate turns, he finds that he cannot leave the female, a witchbreed, his cell-mate, who is dying.

I loved meeting Falco and Calista in this story, and loved how even after reading the first book, I felt like I was seeing this world as in once again for the first time with these new characters. This world is so vast and well thought-out, I can see this book being one that would speak to many readers. I first started this series because of the Fae/fantasy elements, but have quickly added it to one of my favorite series!

The romance and fantasy are both strong elements in this book, but it’s also full of rich world-building and complex characters that go beyond!

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