Curse of the Amber by Kathryn Troy

Curse of the Amber by Kathryn Troy
Publisher: City Owl Press
Genre: Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (275 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

A curse, a resurrection, and a centuries old witch hell bent on revenge.
Quintus is a dutiful son and soldier, sent to Britannia to improve his marriage prospects and ensure the Druids never rise again. Roman soldiers destroyed the last Druid stronghold in a battle of blood and fire. So, he never expects to be sacrificed to their sacred bog, trapped forever by the gods below.

Two thousand years later, Asenath Hayes discovers the most well-preserved body in history. And the last thing she needs is for him to wake up.
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As the young archaeologist delves into Druidic rituals to grasp why Quintus was offered to a Welsh bog and then resurrected, she is forced to complete her research with the “missing” body, dodge her ex-lover and mentor with his own agenda, and keep her gorgeous new houseguest under wraps.

But, smitten with her as he seems, Quintus says he wants to go home.

Asenath is drawn to Quintus by the secrets they share, even if it scares her. As Asenath is pulled deeper into the mysteries of the bog, she must risk everything to keep him from hell’s cold grasp as she uncovers forbidden rites, awakened deities, and an attraction that transcends the ages.

Azi is about to get her post doctorate in archaeology but this is difficult due to Alex, her ex-lover and supervisor who prefers to let others do the work while he takes the credit. An amazing find at a Welsh druid site gives Azi the boost she needs but when she returns to America with the peat embalmed body things begin to go excessively wrong. The body in the peat comes to life when Azi is alone with it and this begins an amazing romance story combined with treachery, history and magic.

The love story of Azi and Quintus is always shadowed by the fact he is from the Roman era of Britain while she is from the present. Will he return? Should she allow her love for him to grow stronger? Put this against the backdrop of the house full of Egyptology that her parents left her and the fun flatmates she has had for years, and the story comes alive.

I enjoyed the story and all its twists and turns but for some reason it didn’t hold me in suspense. I’m used to being gripped by books like this, not wanting to put them down. It didn’t happen this time and I still don’t know why. I enjoyed it, the story was well told and the characters strong and engaging.

Curse of the Amber was a good book and the title encompasses the main theme of the book. I did enjoy reading it and found myself wondering how the story would end. I have to admit (without giving any spoilers) that I was satisfied by the final pages. Enjoyable reading.

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