Coyote Heat by Desiree Holt

Coyote Heat by Desiree Holt
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (66 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Dogwood

A wild weekend in Key West with Team Arapaho is just what Navy SEAL Miguel “Coyote” Cruz needs after a tough mission. Cold beer and hot women. The last thing he expects is to meet a woman who singes his body with the slighted touch and stokes the fire in his guarded heart. Too bad she’s determined not to fall for a military man.

Desiree Holt has consistently scored high in the service of writing excellent works in both novel and novella formats. She is one of my favorite writers. My collection of Ms. Holt’s books continues to grow as I find myself seeking out her imaginative literary art pieces to add to my ever-growing stash of creative favorite reads! She has established herself as one who can conquer multiple venues and still provide entertaining media in many different scenarios. I find myself truly looking forward to her next release even as write this.

Coyote Heat is a short tale in a series about Navy Seals finding love. It is full of sizzling heat, explosive passion and summer romance all tied together into one yummy adventure.

Miguel “Coyote” Cruz has just come off of one dangerous mission and is waiting to be sent out again on another. Along with a few of his other team buddies, Coyote finds himself vacationing in a luxurious home belonging to a famous actress in the Key West. Coyote is ready to prowl as he is looking for a cold beer and a warm body, unfortunately he literally spills that beer on his desired conquest, Cori Sutherland.

Having been hurt in her past, Cori does not care for men in the military and she is not a “looking-for-love” type of gal, however she cannot resist the pull she feels with Coyote as he continues to seduce her into his bed. Passion and sparks ignite as these two discover that there is more going on than a simple ‘one-night-stand”. Soon their romance blossoms into a forever type of love. The story leaves us with Coyote returning with Team Arapah to yet another military endeavor and the reader hoping for a future story that continues the love-scenes with our seals and their sweethearts.

I enjoyed this tale and will place it in my favorite folder. It is a difficult job writing a short story that can engage the reader however Ms.Holt seems to pitch home-runs with her descriptive plots. I had some difficulty at first connecting with these characters as I felt that Coyote needed to be more “tough and rough” since he is a SEAL and I thought that Cori was too rude and unforgiving, but then I realized as I got into the story that these characters were in fact individual in their personalities and therefore were lovable in their own way.

I hope to be reading another Desiree Holt book soon and I recommend this story if you need a quick-read that fuels your desire to experience passion and romance.

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