Cowboy Lies by Lynde Lakes

Cowboy Lies by Lynde Lakes
Ryan Ranch Trilogy Book 1
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (239 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Myrtle

Matt Ryan, cattle rancher, doesn’t tell Molly Smith, former newspaper reporter, that he is more than just a rancher—he’s is also a federal agent assigned to protect her and her baby. He hates lying, but the doctor warned him that if Molly remembers too fast it could cause a serious setback in her fight against amnesia. To protect Molly, Matt tells her they are married.

Molly can’t picture herself married to this controlling man and suspects he’s lying. Determined to get at the truth, she digs around on her own. Was it only the men chasing her she should fear—or was this tall, dark stranger asking for her trust also a dangerous man?

When a handsome stranger claims to be Molly Ryan’s husband, “trust me” were not the words she wanted to hear. Was Molly even her name?

Amnesia has blocked any memory of Matt Ryan, the handsome cowboy who claims to be Molly’s husband. She has a beautiful baby who “feels right” in her arms, but she lives on a wide-open Texas ranch that feels “all wrong.” What has happened?

Molly is thrown into a life that feels totally foreign to her, and although just about everyone around her seems nice and accommodating, something is just not right and she knows it. Her supposed husband, Matt, is an overly protective cowboy who runs their ranch with a natural rough and tough attitude. And although Matt is controlling, he also has a soft and tender side. And it appears he might actually be in love with Molly, although she does not remember him as her husband or as her baby’s father. The one thing that keeps her playing along is a spark of recognition, plus the fact that this stranger adores her tiny daughter.

The setting of a modern day Texas ranch was portrayed well and I often felt as though I was riding the range, too. The secondary characters, especially Tita, who cared for the baby much of the time, was a nice addition to the story.

As things heat up, Molly catches Matt in several lies, which turns her blind faith into fear. Some lies are small, but others are big. Being the strong-willed, independent woman that Molly is, she takes matters into her own hands with deadly consequences.

This is an engaging story, but it does tend to drag out at times. And Molly does have lots of flippant moments where she trusts Matt then doesn’t trust Matt, and then trusts him again only to find that she shouldn’t have, or should she? During the last third of the book, several tense scenes bordered on not being believable, but never completely crossed that invisible line. With that said, I enjoyed the overall story and I am glad I read it.

But this is not just a cowboy story … No, there is much, much more to Matt Ryan and his attachment to Molly. If you enjoy involved plots with some twists and turns, romantically and otherwise, which is set on a Texas ranch with a handsome cowboy, this story might be the perfect one for you!

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