Covet Thy Neighbor by Denise Carbo

Covet Thy Neighbor by Denise Carbo
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rated: Four Stars
Review by Poppy

Single mom of twin boys, Olivia Banner, has her hands full juggling life’s demands. She doesn’t have time for her mysterious new neighbor or all the questions his presence conjures up, even if he is a handsome devil.

Toss in a complicated relationship with her ex-husband, meddlesome family members, and going back to school to provide a stable financial future for her and her boys, and Olivia turns to her gal pals for guidance.

Sometimes playing it safe is the right choice, and other times leaping into the unknown can lead to all the dreams you never knew you had coming true.

“My neighbor is a serial killer.”

This line is a few pages into this book, and made me literally LOL. I knew I was in for a fun time, right off the bat. You know what I loved most about this book? The characters and the town. The writing is really easy and flows nicely and the dialogue is natural between all the characters (there are a LOT of people in this book). I’m a huge fan of character driven plots, and this one checks all the boxes.

It’s obvious this is part of a series (we have a couple getting ready to get married, for example, and I’m sure they were the H/h in the previous book) but I never felt lost. I do feel as if the whole experience would have been richer and more fun if I’d read the previous books, but I had no issues following anything.

The author shows a realistic version of a divorced family, the struggles they previous spouses go through, the difficulties splitting custody of children, etc. I have to admit I did NOT like Olivia’s ex, Ryan, in the least (one of the first things he does is “smirk” at her and MAN did my irritation level rise at that) and had a hard time believing she’d even try to reconcile, but I’ve actually talked to folks who never wanted to try everything to keep a marriage together.

There’s a lot of angst and issues to overcome on the parts of both Olivia and Luke and that, also, is handled well. Olivia’s twin boys are realistic and precocious and made me want to tear my hair out sometimes (…see?… realistic!). Secondary characters were well-written and well-rounded and everyone was three dimensional and unique. I only have a couple of complaints: there were SO many people, sometimes I had trouble keeping up (this might have been different if I’d read the previous book) and occasionally the book did tend to be a little cheesy, ala your favorite Hallmark Movie. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it did cause me to have an eye roll now and then.

Really, though, this is a nice, solid small-town, character driven romance. You’ll fall in love with more than the main characters here. You’ll fall in love with the whole dang town and its inhabitants. Looking forward to more from Granite Cove!

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    Sounds like a book I will enjoy! 🙂

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    This sounds like a really good read. Thanks for your review.

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    Thank you again Long and Short Reviews and Poppy for reviewing Covet thy Neighbor! Good luck to those entering the giveaway!

  8. This sounds like a very good book.

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