Country Fever by S. E. Isaac

Country Fever by S. E. Isaac
Publisher: Forever More Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (51 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Struck with grief and disbelief, Kathleen Divinnicci heads to fulfill her Uncle Paul’s dying wish. She finds herself finding more than dying wishes in Blue Mountain, though. Determined to keep her word to him, she is now faced with Sean McCarty, who is the town’s sexy sheriff and Uncle Paul’s right-hand man. Will she stick to the task at hand and then head home to the city, or will Sean’s sparkling smile leave her staking claim in Blue Mountain?

Kathleen’s Uncle Paul had left her his ranch in his will. She’d never been to the country, and the small town of Blue Mountain is completely out of her comfort zone. But Uncle Paul had been as good as a father to her, and Kathleen couldn’t deny his final request to come out into the small town and listen to his last will and testament. But Kathleen is shattered to discover she never knew her Uncle at all, really, and the secrets he reveals alter the course of her life.

To be honest I was expecting a fairly standard “city girl goes into the country to fulfil family will” style story and in many respects this is exactly that. I found many of the familiar boxes ticked. Kathleen is a successful business woman with money (driving a Mercedes into town) and has sold up her life and home to come into the country as her Uncle requested. Also there was the familiar plot-hook of the sexy farm hand (who also here happens to be Sheriff Sean McCarty) who helps her out and turns into the hero of the story. What I haven’t come across before and found quite a strange twist was the close-mindedness and in some instances even outright racism and bigotry of the local townspeople.

I thought it a little odd that Kathleen was the first ever minority woman to have appeared in the town. I found that not only a little beyond belief, but also in another respect quite brave. Throughout the whole story I fluctuated between these two emotions. I was quite disappointed that in this day and age, a large percentage of a group of small town people could be so judgmental about something like the colour of a woman’s skin. I also struggled to accept that no other minority person had ever in the history of the town even passed through. These two things frequently jarred me from the enjoyment of the story.

The chemistry between Kathleen and Sean sizzles immediately and soon explodes between them. They both have secrets and both are strong, stubborn people, so their romance together is proverbially rocky. That doesn’t lessen the intensity of their need for each other and their sex is smoking hot. I found the sex–while hot and good–was quite aggressive, with both Kathleen and Sean being dominant and the aggressor at times. This might not sit well with all readers as I found at times they both could push the envelope sexually.

Readers looking for a hot story filled with sex and romance should find this as enjoyable as I did. While some of the other secondary characters aren’t the usual “supporting cast” I still found enjoyment from that small-country-town feel of story that is hard not to like. A fun, steamy short story with a real twist of surprise at the end.

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