Corwin of Carrowkeel by Ed Sutter

Corwin of Carrowkeel by Ed Sutter
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (303 Pages)
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

Corey, a pleasant middle-aged guy, is one of Ashley Forrest’s favorite customers. He’s polite, tips well, and he never causes trouble. But when trouble comes looking for Ashley, Corey helps her out, and the young waitress and pre-med student learns about the real Corey. For Corwin of Carrowkeel is a veteran of the wizard wars between the Order of the Magi and the Unseelie Knights. Suddenly, Corwin and Ashley must fight off evil wizards, vicious elves, and a beautiful sorceress or two. Ashley’s life will never be the same!

Corwin of Carrowkeel had retired from the Order of the Magi and now is living a quiet life as a writer in Arizona. He enjoys going out for breakfast just to be out with others, and when his favorite waitress, Ashley Forrest, is threatened by a jerk of a boy friend, he comes to her aid. After that, a former student and fellow mage, Joshua West, shows up to try to convince Corwin to come out of retirement because something strange is going on in the Phoenix area. That is the start of the adventures.

Ed Sutter has written an action-packed fast moving fantasy adventure with some wonderful settings and characters. Corwin is a powerful mage, but he is also a very kind man whom I like and believe in. Ashley is a waitress and a pre-med student at ASU. She is suddenly thrown into a world she never knew existed. As she says, she is a scientist and only believes in science which doesn’t include Faerie or other worlds. Corwin replies, “It’s okay. Most people have never heard of Faerie and would probably never believe in it anyway. But these other realms, other worlds, all occupy the same space, only kept apart by the frequencies at which they operate. You’d have to ask a physicist to explain that part.” Ashley is drawn into worlds she never even dreamt existed, and Sutter draws all of his readers into the magic and adventure along with Ashley.

I like the way Sutter introduces relationships between some of the characters with flashbacks showing when they first met or previous adventures they had shared. I feel that this is an excellent way to add depth to Corwin’s character and show the reader what various other characters are truly like by means of their actions.

One of my favorite parts is Corwin’s explanation of pixies after Ashley is freaked because suddenly she can see them. Corwin says that There are “… various flavors of pixies. Sometimes, particularly if they’re on our side of the gate, they can masquerade as hummingbirds, though. Maybe half to two thirds of the hummingbirds you see back home are actually pixies. Some of that is Faerie glamour, and some of it is the refusal of the human mind to process anything that doesn’t fit its world view. Once you become attuned to the magical world, you start to see all kinds of weird things around you.” As a hummingbird lover, I like the idea that many of them are masquerading pixies, and I especially like the way Corwin encourages not only Ashley but all of us to become attuned to the magical world around us.

Corwin of Carrowkeel is a wonderful fantasy adventure with lots of action and suspense. I really hope that Sutton writes more novels about Corwin, and I can recommend this book to any lovers of magic and fantasy.

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