Copper Cauldron by Terri Talley Venters

Copper Cauldron by Terri Talley Venters
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (102 pgs)
Heat Level: sweet
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Water Lily

Penelope Manchester, a good witch with one green and one blue eye, awaits her destiny: a warrior of God with the face of an angel, the heart of a saint, and eyes which match her own. St. Michael the Archangel flies into her life and sweeps her off her feet. Meanwhile, an evil sorcerer captures witches, steals their powers and most of their nine lives, and shrinks them to the size of dolls – Nürnberg dolls. But when he turns two of the Manchester witches into dolls, the Manchester clan fights back with the help of St. Michael, and divine intervention. Armed with the legendary copper cauldron, a fire-breathing dragon, and an arsenal of spells, good battles evil.

The Copper Cauldron is a light, quick read—an interesting blend of a variety of traditions ranging from magical and Hindu to classic Christian. With so many diverse elements, I was looking forward to seeing how Ms. Venters would weave this story. All the elements are there. There’s a prophecy of true love to be fulfilled, witches to be rescued, there’s a handsome angel, a beautiful witch, an evil sorcerer… there’s even a fire breathing dragon.

Unfortunately, deep characterization is lacking…something which can happen in a story of few pages. The reader is told what the characters think and feel rather than getting to experience it. The characters never came alive for me.

Penelope doesn’t possess the poise, intellect or integrity I expected in a twenty-nine year old woman an immortal angel would be attracted to. She causes pigeons to poop on people, sells curses, tries to poison an innocent man and swears. St. Michael the Archangel is a cardboard cutout rather than a divine being.  Interestingly, he seems to believe in karma rather than faith or even divine intervention.

At 102 pages, it can be read in one sitting. The plot of this story was clever and unique and I would have really raved if I’d connected a bit more to the characters. Still, this might be me and not the story, and that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy Copper Cauldron. It is clear that Ms. Venters has a great imagination. Copper Cauldron has a good premise and a fast-paced storyline.


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  3. Bobbye Booth says:

    Looks like a great book 🙂

  4. Catherine says:

    Penelope Manchester is such a great name! How do you generate your characters names, Terri? And one green and one blue eye…How unusual!
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    • Hi Catherine, My mind just conjurs the names. My grandmother had one blue eye and one green one, but she wasn’t a witch. Copper Cauldron was definately my most creative story. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Nice honest review

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