Color of Danger by Ruth J. Hartman

Color of Danger by Ruth J. Hartman
Publisher: esKape Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (137 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

When Patience Sullyard finds a mysterious note tied to a pigeon’s leg, her commissioned panorama at a falconry flies the coop. Instead of painting in hues of brown and beige, her focus shifts to saving a troubled stranger.

Walter Bexley craves adventure from his boring life. Insinuating himself into Patience’s problem by accompanying her to the falconry might be just the answer.

Will the risk they take be worth the exhilaration, or will Patience and Walter discover the threat is too dangerous?

Patience, the youngest of the Sullyard sisters, is trying to convince her sisters she is now grown up. Her brothers-in-law’s younger relative is quite willing to help her show her sisters she is no longer a baby, but Patience believes Walter is a rake as he is always teasing her.

As talented as her sisters, Patience goes to a falconry to paint a panorama of the birds for their owner. Walter, considered a relative, is her escort. The closeness of several days alone together brings about more than friendship.

I have read the previous two books of this trilogy and found them captivating. This one was equally so, but I felt the title to be a little misleading. There was a little danger, but nothing like the intense scenes of the previous novels. The danger scene could have been a little longer and more intense as it was over far too quickly, and the explanation behind the reason for the situation fell a little flat. A few amusing incidents interspersed with edgy conversations and scenes held the story together and kept me reading.

A good book with bright characters who got me on their side as I wanted them to win their heart’s desire.

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