City of Magic by Kyra Dune

City of Magic by Kyra Dune
Publisher: Burst Books
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, YA
Length: Short Story (116 Pages)
Age Recommendation: 12+
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

Charlie has finally reached the City Of Magic, where waits the lost elven magic he has been searching for. But the city is a ruin, his friends are missing, and there is a darkness known only as the Void slowly creeping over everything.

When Charlie comes across a group of elves, he hopes they will be able to help him locate the Silver Catacombs, but everything is not as it seems. There are two groups of elves in the city, one who resist the Void and one who worship it. It’ll be up to Charlie to figure out who his true allies are. Danger lurks around every crumbling ruin and betrayal always comes from within.

Charlie has finally reached the City of Magic, but instead of finding the answers he was expecting, he has found ruins with a darkness known as the Void slowly overtaking everything. His friends are missing, and he discovers that there are two very different groups of elves in the city. One group worships the Void and one group resists it, but which is which? Charlie has to solve the puzzle and discover who his true allies are. He needs to unlock the magic and return to his world to help the elves stop a war.

Kyra Dune has written an action-packed story filled not only with intrigue and betrayal, but also with love and sacrifice. Charlie is a strong character, richly defined. In addition, Dune has portrayed many of the other characters easily and fully by narrating events from several different perspectives. This use of multiple points of view is very effective and allows the reader to understand what is going on in each of the character’s head, gaining a greater understanding of both the characters and the story. The reader is thus able to see into the hearts of the various characters, something that is very important in a plot that is all about betrayal. However, even with this insight, the plot still takes on some unexpected twists and turns along the way.

This book is a sequel to The Silver Catacombs, and while it certainly stands alone and is a complete and exciting story all by itself, I was very glad that I had already read The Silver Catacombs. Knowing the history of the land and the relationships between the characters made this book much richer. I would certainly recommend reading both books. In fact, given the lengths of these books I would love to see them combined into one volume.

City of Magic is the story of a heroic quest and also coming of age for several of the characters. It is a fun book, filled with action, but also a book which raises some important themes of loyalty, honesty, and of course, good and evil. Anyone who enjoys fantasy will certainly enjoy reading City of Magic.

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