Chaos by Julian Kincaid

Chaos by Julian Kincaid
Publisher: Critical Eye Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (256 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Stargazer

Aleksandr Zorin is a sadistic psychopath and one of the most prolific killers in United States’ history. Exploiting the flaws in an ineffective ViCAP database, he has remained invisible for nearly fifteen years. No one knows he exists. But that’s about to change in a horrifying way.

Special Agent Nicholas Keegan is a forensic criminologist working for the FBI’s Violent Crimes Squad in Minnesota. An expert in the field of abnormal psychology, he employs his unique expertise to profile and capture society’s most dangerous and violent offenders. An unusual case sent his way from a friend in California sets Nick on the path of a killer unlike any he’s ever faced.

An innovative overhaul of ViCAP reveals the staggering enormity of the case, and Nick quickly comes to a disturbing realization—his unsub isn’t just a killer. He’s a profiler.

Get ready to stay awake at night!

Nick Keegan is a veteran FBI agent on the trail of one of the century’s most prolific and graphic serial killers. Initially the scenes stack up and there are very few clues, modifications to the ViCAP database reveal scores of more victims all attributed to this one serial killer.

Chaos is an amazing story about a veteran FBI agent and a startling veteran serial killer. When their two paths meet, chaos ensues. Right from the beginning the reader will be immersed in detail and graphic visualizations of both the crime scenes and the deep lives of the characters. The author does an astounding job at plotting the backstory for each character and interweaving it through from past to present. Everyone has scars to bear and a history that adds depth and complexity to the overall story.

The great plot, deep backstories and strong descriptions make the world of the characters become immersive for the reader. It is advisable that the reader have some background in the criminal justice world when reading the book since there are many acronyms and descriptions that can be difficult and may detract from the overall enjoyment of the story if the reader is not familiar. This is not anything that cannot be looked up easily on the internet, but it may bother some readers. Also, the graphic descriptions of the deaths of victims and in some instances the torture of victims may disturb some readers. Do not let the high number of pages dissuade reading, the text in the electronic version of the book is very large, which makes reading very easy on the eyes, but makes for a higher page count then one would normally see.

Overall, Chaos was a fantastic read and one that you do not want to miss. Be aware though, the deep psychology and human nature portion of the book may make it so that you have a difficult time falling asleep at night!

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