Challenge Accepted by Jaqueline Snowe

*Challenge Accepted by Jaqueline Snowe
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

College is all about learning, right?

Most college girls ‘swipe right’ to meet the right guy—Callie meets All-Star pitcher Zade while he’s buying tampons. College is all about learning, right?

How often do you meet your dream guy buying tampons at Target? Never, right? For Callie, a baseball-loving, hardworking college student, it happened just once. The magic was too real, too fast and too much, so she left the store without exchanging names.

But fate works in wonderful ways, right?

Zade Willows, the All-Star pitcher rumored to be drafted his senior year, gets what he wants. He has a fan club who follow his every move, but when he meets Callie, the game changes. She knows all his plays and that the game always ends—in heartbreak. But Zade doesn’t back down and is willing to try anything.

He’ll eventually get the girl, right?

When Zade and Callie meet at Target, they immediately connect. Challenge Accepted is a slow burn college sports romance that is sweet, fun and entertaining.

Zade and Callie meet when they are busy working on their college degrees. Neither one of them has any plans of settling down with one person. However, once they meet, it is impossible for them to fight their sizzling attraction. I thought Zade and Callie were perfect for each other. I loved these two together and enjoyed all their interactions; they have great dynamics and the bantering easily flows between them.

I loved Callie, she is smart and sassy and gives Zade a run for his money. I thought her confidence was her best attribute. Callie can’t help being attracted to Zade, a hot college baseball pitcher, but she treats him differently than the other girls on campus. She constantly keeps Zade on his toes. She sees him as a person not as a future pro baseball player, who will make a lot of money.

I liked Zade and I could understand why Callie was so attracted to him. On campus Zade has a reputation as a womanizer and it never bothered him, until he met Callie, the woman of his dreams. Zade likes everything about Callie, he has never met anyone like her, with Callie he has finally met his match. Zade wants more with Callie but he has to work hard before she trusts him. As they spend time together and the sparks fly, they slowly get to know each other and move toward a future together.

This is a slow burning and beautiful story. It has realistic character development and is easy to read, while being upbeat and tender. The characters are fun and likable and the story flows nicely. I also enjoyed the secondary characters, they are entertaining and add another dimension to the story. I highly recommend this sparkling and uplifting story.

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