Caught on Camera Parts 1-3 by Lily Harlem

CAMERACaught on Camera Parts 1-3 by Lily Harlem
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (146 pgs)
Other: M/M, M/M/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Cholla

Part 1:
When Reece Carter is caught on camera canoodling with hunky gardener Cade Davenport, a new, super-sexy opportunity presents itself that he just can’t walk away from.

Reece Carter is sweating the in dirt and feeling the heat. It’s a scorching hot day and he’s slaving away indoors. But at least he has a nice view from the window—sexy gardener Cade Davenport—no job too big or too small—who is mowing the lawn minus his shirt.

Soon thirst overcomes Reece and he finds himself swimming, kissing and getting frisky in the hot tub with the super-confident, seize-the-moment Cade, whose wit, humour and cocky smile is irresistible.

What Reece doesn’t know is that the walls have ears and the trees have eyes. His every moan, gasp and erotic move is being recorded in fine and shocking detail.

But what does that mean? And what about the intriguing offer Cade puts to him? Shouldn’t he just punch his lights out for filming him without permission? And will Reece’s life ever be the same again after being caught on camera?

Part 2:
With a solution to his money worries and an end to the dry spell in his sex life, it’s time for Reece to step up to the stage and prove he’s the hot new star of the show.

After agreeing to play one of the leading roles in Slippery Slots, Reece now has to shed his inhibitions, as well as his clothes.
But it’s okay, because Cade, his hunky co-star, has a knack for remembering lines, working the role and is skilled at achieving the required positions.

Soon the champagne is flowing, the petals on the bed scattering and the action is heating up. It really is an idyllic scene, the perfect moment for lovers, even if there is a cameraman zooming in on all the juicy, erotic details.

With twists in the plot and desire playing the leading role, Reece revels in his new career and throws himself into the part.

But can he forget about the camera and take what he wants from Cade? Is he allowed to bend the rules, and oh my, will he ever survive the torment of Cade’s super-talented, super-star mouth that pushes him to the very brink of ecstasy?

Part 3: Reece Carter had never set his sights on porn stardom before, but it seems now that’s exactly where he’s heading, as well as Las Vegas.

With the next scene of Slippery Slots about to be filmed, Reece can’t help but feel anxious. Now in Las Vegas and with The Strip his new playground, thoughts of the hung-like-a-donkey cowboy about to join the action are never far away.

Just as well he has Cade to distract him. Sexy, giving, beautiful Cade who somehow ‘gets’ what Reece is worrying about and smoothes out the wrinkles, as well as filling him with confidence.

As it turns out, there’s no need for worry and with every move, kiss and lick caught on camera, the ménage a trois scene starring Grayson from Texas kicks off in spectacular style.

With two sexy men attending his every need, Reece knows he has the best job on Earth and he’s getting paid handsomely for it. Wow, he hit the jackpot big time when he met Cade, and now all of his hot-spots are being hit with the same blissfully satisfying intensity.

He thought it was just another routine decorating job, but Reece’s boring day of painting is about to get shaken up. When he spies sexy gardener Cade Davenport his afternoon starts to steam up. Who knew that offering Cade a drink was going to lead to skinny dipping and eventually getting caught on camera?

Reece Carter is just trying to make ends meet, one decorating job at a time. He’ll never get rich working the way he does, but he manages to get by. He comes off as a little naïve in the beginning and I love that. It’s always refreshing to find one of the characters is a little bit less experienced or worldly than the other. Watching him slowly give in to each of Cade’s requests is a treat in itself.

Cade Davenport is a gardener with a secret – he sometimes stars in adult films for his boss’ husband. He’s smooth, charming, and completely irresistible as far as Reece is concerned. I wasn’t sure I was going to like Cade much at first, it’s clear he’s leading Reece on, but for what reason you don’t quite know at first. Once you figure it out, it makes him a little less sketchy and more likable.

In part one of Caught on Camera, the scene is set. Reece is seduced and then scandalized by Cade. I was a bit surprised that Cade was so bold as to send Reece a video containing the steamy highlights of their afternoon tryst, but the more you get to know Cade, the less surprising it becomes. In part two, the fun really begins. During this second installment, you get to see Reece loosen up and begin to become more comfortable with himself and his newfound role as porn star. You can see an inkling of a real attraction blossoming between the two men and that only makes the sex hotter and the passion more intense. The third installment really ups the ante by flying the boys to Vegas before adding adult film star stud Bret Hadden into the mix. Part three contains one of the most erotic ménage scenes I’ve read in a long time.

These first three installments of Caught on Camera get steamier and more exotic with each new part. In addition, the relationship between Reece and Cade becomes more and more real with every interaction. Although the premise is a bit far-fetched, the writing is spot on and the desire between the two is palpable. I cannot wait for the final two parts of this series to see how it all comes together.

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