Candy Apple by Tielle St. Clare

Candy Apple by Tielle St. Clare
Red Panty Diaries, Book 3
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (152 pages)
Other: M/F, Ménage, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Lotus

Tasha has heard the tale of the cursed wedding dress since she was young. Now it’s her turn. Unlike her friends, who somehow each ended up with two men, Tasha knows she’s destined for one man—someone a little bland and boring, no doubt, but she’s okay with that. She puts on the dress to prove her fiancé is that man only…the dress doesn’t respond to him.

However, it sure reacts to the sexy stranger in the elevator, leaving her standing there wearing nothing but candyapplered panties. One night of incredible sex leads her to believe the dress has done its job. Imagine her surprise when it responds to another man—a badboy firefighter and cousin to the man from the elevator.

Now, she’s got two lovers and they aren’t inclined to share!

A dress that falls off when the wearer is near her true love??? That should save us from kissing lots of frogs during our search for Prince Charming!

Tasha thought the cursed wedding dress would prove that Jason was her true love, but it didn’t fall off which was what it should have done if he was the person she was meant to be with. She ran out of his apartment and into an elevator with Nathan, a guy from Jason’s office, when the dress fell off. Then it fell off again for someone she thought was Nathan. She is the owner of two bakeries, but Jason, a businessman, does not believe that she is smart enough to interact socially with his peers. What a jerk, I thought, and it was his loss since he didn’t see what an amazing person Tasha is.

Nathan is a straight-laced businessman, but that’s where his resemblance to Jason ends. Nathan has some quirkiness including a thing for bright, candy apple red things including his car and Tasha’s red panties. Nathan’s cousin, Kiah, is a macho firefighter who also falls for Tasha. The two of them have a sizzling, constant tug of war over Tasha, who does not mind sharing after her initial consternation when she realized that Kiah wasn’t Nathan.

I enjoyed reading about how Nathan, Kiah, and Tasha worked things out between themselves in Candy Apple. There’s a bit of exhibitionism that goes with the voyeurism, all part of a very hot read that I highly recommend. Ms. St. Clare kept my interest with her fast paced story that includes many sexy scenes that sent my heart rate soaring. May your search for true love go as well as Tasha’s!

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