Canary for the Dragon by Angelique Voisen

Canary for the Dragon by Angelique Voisen
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (61 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Sky’s a canary prince that’s been kept in a gilded cage all his life. As a breeder for his dying people, it’s his job to find a suitable mate and continue the bloodline. All he wants to experience is a one-night-stand with a stranger he’s attracted to, before someone puts a permanent lock on his cage.

Rex’s a century-old Alpha dragon shifter trying to make it past each day. Losing his mate tore his soul in half. As a result, his dragon’s broken beyond repair. When Rex meets Sky, he realizes he’s been given a second chance at love. But things are never that simple.

Sky’s powerful avian family wants their breeder back and Sky’s terrified for Rex. Little does Sky know who the real threat is. When a dragon finds his mate, the hunt never ends until the Alpha claims his mate.

Sky is looking for safety and love. Could Rex be the man to give him that? Can a canary find a way to save a dragon? Rex lives in his own prison, one of his own making. His daily trips to listen to a beautiful bird’s song gives him a little peace in his life. When fate has the two crossing paths Rex can do nothing but step in to save Sky but in the end it just might be two men saving each other. Will love win in the end? Can Rex and Sky be what each other needs?

I really enjoyed Sky and Rex’s story. The author does a wonderful job of bringing these men to life and filling them full of depth. Each man has his own pain to deal with and maybe even try to overcome. Alone they only survive but together they fight. Sky is a small shifter but he is ready to stand up for himself and others of his kind. Rex is mighty and when he wants something there is no stopping him. The two make a wonderful pair and I loved seeing them fight for their love. Each one believes the other deserves better and the two must make some hard choices if they want to find their happy ever after. Love is a special thing and it should always be fought for. Rex and Sky learn this lesson the hard way. Their story is a fast-paced adventure that shows us the power of true love and what it can do. I enjoyed my trip to this world and cannot wait to return for more.

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