Burn With Me by R. G. Alexander

Burn With Me by R. G. Alexander
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (233 Pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Ménage
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

She walks a tightrope between light and dark. Danger and passion. Obsession and love…

Fireborne, Book 1

Aziza Jane Stewart is living on borrowed time, and making a few mistakes in London seems like a good way to go out with a bang. But when two compelling strangers draw her into an ancient conflict, she realizes her curse isn’t about death at all…it’s about the power within her.

The sexy giant following her says he can smell trouble on her skin, the smokeless fire and magic of the demons he was born and bred to hunt. Brandon may be an enforcer, but his reaction to her is anything but adversarial. Ram, her new Jinn shadow, will do whatever it takes to come between them, and he’s just as hard for Aziza to resist.

When her dark family legacy burns to the surface, whom can Aziza trust? The alpha male who pushes all her hot buttons, the Jinn who seduces her in dreams, or the emerging Fireborne within? As danger circles closer, she must learn to embrace her newfound powers—and trust someone with her heart—before she becomes the final casualty.

Burn With Me is the first book in R.G. Alexander’s new Fireborne series, and it is an interesting introduction to a world filled with supernatural beings.

Aziza Jane Stewart lives every day as though it could be her last, because she believes that is the truth. After losing most of her family, she has just her Aunt Penn left, and with her time running out, she goes to England to spend some time with her beloved aunt. She takes along her ever-present ‘bodyguard’ and best friend since forever, Gregory Prophet.

Greg has stayed by Aziza’s side throughout her mad scramble across continents and in and out of clubs and places to rough to imagine, always keeping her grounded. When strange things begin to happen around her, she convinces Penn to head for the ancestral country home, while Aziza and Greg try to discover why people keep dying around her. When a gorgeous giant of a man begins following her around London, Aziza is determined to find out what he is tracking her for. When she has an encounter with a mystery man, and he triggers latent powers in Aziza, telling her she is a Fireborne, the last one. It is her family legacy, and the reason her brothers are dead, killed by a radical supernatural who is determined that Aziza assume her place as Fireborne, and he wants control of her. As Aziza comes to terms with her newly awakened powers, she discovers not everything is as it seems, with Jinn, Shifters and Niyr surrounding her as she struggles to learn exactly what being Fireborne means. As the danger grows, and people begin dying around her, Aziza sets out to find the answers she needs, while trying to avoid her attraction to a sexy Jinn and a big shifter Enforcer. Will Aziza discover her true destiny before anyone else is killed? Can she protect those she loves from mortal danger? Can she find out what her role as Fireborne is before it is too late?

I like Ms. Alexander’s mix of real and paranormal London, with nothing being what it appears to be. The characters are all well-defined and charismatic, people you might meet on any stroll down the London streets. Ms. Alexander has extended the imagination to bring life to her creation, and I was swept into the story from the very beginning.

Aziza Jane Stewart is a strong and determined young woman. She believes she is cursed to die on her twenty-seventh birthday, and she plans to live every day to its fullest. I love Aziza, with her take no prisoners attitude, ready to experience all life offers before it is too late. When she discovers she isn’t really human, she realizes there is a whole world she knows nothing about, and has to come to terms with a new reality. When she keeps seeing the ‘giant of a man’ wherever she goes, she wants to know more, and when she finally meets Brandon, she has no idea what he really is. When Ram is able to trigger her abilities, she is terrified, but hides it behind her sarcastic wit. But her attraction to both the gorgeous Jinn and the shifter Enforcer will take her to passions she’s never known before.

Brandon is an enforcer, keeping the Jinn from crossing into the human plane without permission. He is strong and handsome, and determined to discover what Aziza is. And he wants her more than he has ever wanted any female, and doesn’t quite understand it. I like Brandon, especially when he is able to accept that Aziza is more than she appears, and is determined to protect her.

Ram and Shev are Aziza’s Jinn protectors, able to guide her, but not able to tell her much about who and what she is without fear of reprisals from their superiors. They are able to pop in and out of her life, and I enjoyed the sassy with both displayed. And I had to laugh at Ram when he explained to Aziza that, while there were other ways to trigger her abilities, he chose sex because he enjoyed being with her.

There are many secondary characters in this, and each has some role to play in the story. I especially like Aziza’s best friend, Gregory Prophet, who has always loved her, but knows she doesn’t return the sentiment, so he becomes her friend, confidant and bodyguard. As things begin to spiral out of control, Aziza learns she must find a way to keep her friend and her aunt safe, and uncover her true destiny as the last Fireborne. When an unexpected faction tries to take control of Aziza to create chaos and use her powers, she finally takes charge to keep her people safe.

This would not be an R.G. Alexander book without lots of passion and romance, and this one is filled with hot moments to thrill. Will she choose the big handsome shifter, or the sensuous and tricky Jinn to sate her desires? There is attraction there between Aziza and both of these men, and there is a wicked interlude in the barn with Brandon and an invisible Ram that is so hot it could scorch the page. There is not a happy ever after her, but there is a happy for now for Aziza, with the promise of more adventure to come.

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