Bully No More by Sam Crescent

Bully No More by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (112 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Fat. Cow. Chubby. Chunky. Those were just a few names Kurt had called her growing up. He was her bully, and he didn’t care. One chemistry assignment changed everything. Kim refused to give in to him, so he had no choice but to leave. Ten years later, Kim’s stubbornness gives him the chance to show her that he is no longer her bully.

Kim didn’t like asking for help, but Kurt made an offer she couldn’t refuse. She didn’t want to be the girl that fell for the man who hurt her. She was stronger than that. Kurt was not that guy anymore, and no matter how much she tried to fight the boy, this was a man.

Can two complete opposites find love? Can Kurt prove that he’s no longer a bully, and is in fact the perfect guy for her? Will Kim take that chance?

I enjoyed this book. It was both sweet and sizzling. I’ve been waiting for Kurt and Kim’s story since meeting them in the previous book, Fat. Bully No More lived up to my expectations and captured my attention from page one until the inevitable happy ever after.

Kurt was a flawed hero in need of redemption. He bullied Kim back in their school days. Karma had her way and Kurt fell in love with her but Kim wasn’t about to him a chance. The story then rockets forward and we get to see a stubborn and very determined Kurt finally get to claim the woman who stole his heart ten years ago.

I really loved Kurt for being so determined to triumph and win Kim’s heart. He finally earned her forgiveness but he had to fight to make her see that he had truly changed. She was wary of trusting him so it took a while but as the author slowly built the background storyline Kim was finally able to let go of those bad memories. The intimacy of their relationship was a slowly stoked fire that still provided plenty of sizzling sex scenes.

Sam Crescent did a great job on this book. It was fast paced and easy to read in one sitting. The vibrancy of the characters was amazing. I also loved catching up with Noah and Elise from Fat.

Bully No More is another hot romance from Sam Crescent. I loved it!

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