Brok Hon by Michael W Davis

Brok Hon by Michael W Davis
Publisher: Burst Books
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (18 pages)
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Earthcom is gone. The distant colonies ruled by the Space Federation are on their own, including the miners on Josuwa, hellhole of Aquarii B, second sun in a quad star system. The perpetual conflict with the indigenous keystone species has depleted their resources, and most of their men. With the settlement on the edge of annihilation, they are left with one choice, a desperate plan to end the war. The radical solution is supported by all in the compound, except for one man, Derek, the only survivor capable of lighting the fuse to end the war once and for all.

Miners from Earth are stranded on the dusty desert and hostile planet of Josuwa with no hope of rescue. They originally came to harvest the Canamere produced by the dragon hawks (or Dawks) during their breeding cycle, but Earth was not content to use what was left, they captured pregnant females and stole the Canamere which infuriated the sentient Dawks.

Now Earth has blown its civilization to bits, the miners must come to some arrangement with the Dawks whose only weakness is their reverent attitude toward females of any species.

At first I found Derek, the lead male character, very introspective and depressive until I got into the story and realized what had made him this way. Loss of everything you love, broken promises, and daily danger with no way out has trodden him into the dusty ground of Josuwa.

I found the story idea interesting, although it dragged a bit in parts. The highs were mere blips when the creatures of Josuwa fought each other. The one major battle the humans had with the dawks provided the major peak of the whole story. However, Brok Hon (stands for Broken Honour) is well written and is a science fiction short so I think the lack of highs can be overlooked. I found it a nice read.

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