Brody by Vanessa Devereaux

Brody by Vanessa Devereaux
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short Story (95 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

It’s almost Christmas and Brody Williams is in Riker’s Creek on a mission…to find his biological father. He has it narrowed down to three men, and when he finds which man fathered him, he needs to ask him the biggest favor of his life.

Maddie Thurston is a runaway bride with a perfectly good reason for leaving the groom at the altar. She steals a horse and heads into Riker’s Creek, ending up at a bar where there’s a cowboy who just can’t seem to mind his own business.

However, when he becomes her knight in shining armor and rides her back to her motel room, all good sense goes out the window, and the two end up spending the night together.

Will Brody help Maddie fix her broken heart and can Maddie give Brody the Christmas miracle she’s promised him?

I was very pleased with this book. It was a short but rich story and the author did a great job in making me believe that Brody and Maddie’s feelings for each other were real. I enjoyed every page.

The setup for this story was fast. Brody had some health issues that brought him to Riker’s Creek, Montana looking for his father. He stopped off in a bar and meets Maddie who was a too tempting runaway bride. Their relationship started out as a one night hook up but it quickly turned into a strong bond. I loved how they were both nice people who easily became friends as well as lovers.

The main characters were incredibly likable. I just can’t imagine how I would react in Brody’s situation. He wanted to live and had the courage to do something about it but he never forgot his father who raised him either. I loved how realistic his emotions were about everything and what a caring person he was. Maddie had such sass and was such an amazing person who stood up for herself and stayed by Brody’s side. The secondary characters were important to the storyline, although I wasn’t happy with a couple of them. There was a fair bit of family drama added to the conflict.

Brody is the eighth book in the Big Sky County series but it reads as a stand alone. In fact I hadn’t read any others in the series and I followed everything perfectly. The story was well written and I enjoyed reading it. In fact, I’m hoping that Branndon will get a book because I’d love to watch that arrogant cowboy get corralled. So I’ll be giving this book my recommendation and looking forward to the next one.

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