Brian by Delilah Devlin

Brian: A Montana Bounty Hunters Story by Delilah Devlin
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full length (190 page)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

The haunted gaze of one wounded warrior sparks a challenge in a woman determined to help him regain what he’s lost whether he wants her help or not…

Physical Therapist, Raydeen Pickering, has seen her fill of stubborn veterans, some too angry to get on with their lives, some still living in hell in their minds, and then some unwilling to let their broken bodies hold them back. She hasn’t figured out which Brian Cobb is yet. The first time she met the handsome, wounded warrior, he was wary and defensive, his gaze always sliding toward the door, looking for as a quick escape from the Soldiers’ Sanctuary meetings.

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First though, he has to figure out he’s in love with the wrong woman. The one he needs is right here, and if she has to do the chasing, so be it, because those looks he gives her have rekindled a fire she thought was lost forever…

After losing both his legs to an IED blast, Brian returns home to Montana and tries to piece his life together again. Still stuck in his wheelchair, Brian nevertheless manages to make himself indispensable to the other hunters and that helps give him purpose. Raydeen had grieved a long time after the loss of her husband, but her work as a physical therapist helped bring her back. She’s determined to help Brian retrieve more of his mobility, but the man was as stubborn as he was strong. Can they work things out between them?

I enjoyed this fast paced story. While Brian and Raydeen are the central characters there is a strong and well fleshed-out cast of secondary characters from the rest of the team that really helps keep the story interesting and the interactions varied. I really enjoyed the interactions between Brian and Raydeen, watching them circle each other and work on growing their relationship. I feel it has a really interesting dynamic, balanced between a professional therapist/patient healing vibe with all the chemistry and sexual need simmering under the surface. I was really pleased the author took some time laying everything out for the reader and gently leading us along as there were plenty of potential for complications and hurt feelings in this particular minefield and I thought the author handled it all very well.

The chemistry between Brian and Raydeen was delicious and explosive, but I adored how it was clear that the sizzle between them wasn’t just sexual, but they really liked each others company as well and could push each other past their comfort levels. I enjoyed seeing how Brian and Raydeen connected on a number of levels and could easily see how they’d work their relationship in a normal, day-to-day manner, which helped really sell it to me and lend believability in their long-term prospects.

I found the mystery aspect to the plot was well thought out and realistic. While not overly complicated I thought it was a good method for allowing Brian and Raydeen to spend some more time together and get to know each other better. Seeing Brian “out in the field” was also a cool thing and helped strengthen the impression for me that despite his limitations Brian was still strong and perfectly capable. I also really liked the fact that much of the plot revolved around Brian’s prosthetic limbs and went into quite some detail surrounding what amputees go through during the rehab process. It’s clear the author has done a lot of research into this and I feel she handled the whole situation tastefully and realistically.

A smoking hot and enjoyable read, this was a great book.

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