Branded By Frost by Aliyah Burke

Branded By Frost by Aliyah Burke
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (167 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Fuchsia

Beneath the cold can sometimes lie the hottest of heats.

Aminta Tran is a helicopter pilot sent to Alaska to fill in as a replacement until the rescue team gets a new pilot. The man who comes to get her is Dex Collins, the team’s second in command. While there’s instant attraction between them, she remains focused on doing her job and finding her artifact.

Dex isn’t sure what to make of the newest team member. They’re sharing space and each day it’s harder for him to remember the line between professional and personal.

When it comes to light he’s who she is destined to be with, will they be able to weather the storm brewing both between and surrounding them?

Aminta Tran is one of the six chosen to be part of the Astral Guardians, protectors of the world. Her sign is the Ram and her first love is flying… until Dex Collins comes into the picture. There is an instant attraction, one so strong that neither one can ignore it.

Dex Collins was sent to pick up the pilot that was going to temporarily fill in for his rescue squad in Alaska. He never expected the pilot to be female and so little. He even wondered if she had the strength to handle a chopper, all he knew is that thoughts of seeing her naked ran rampant through his mind.

Aminta Tran is a strong female who is capable, sarcastic and fearless, however, there is a vulnerability to her that the author lets shine through so that you can really invest in her. The chemistry between Aminta and Dex is explosive, and I loved how he respected and admired her strength, but showed his alpha side when needed.

The other characters in the book complemented one another and reading the other books in the series helped to enhance this story. Aliyah Burke is one of my favorite authors; she is a story teller, she creates stories that capture your attention from the first paragraph. Her female characters are strong and the men that fall for them are their complete match in all things.

Dex and Aminta was like that, they complimented one another and when he found out what she was he embraced it even though he didn’t completely understand it. That alone made me root for this couple.

This is book four in the Astral Guardians series; it can read as a standalone however I would suggest that you start with the first book which is Keeper of the Stars. That way you can become familiar with all the characters and won’t feel lost.

Branded by Frost is a must read, between the helicopter rescues, the demon fights and the love story between Dex and Aminta, and it is a true love story, you will have many hours of pure entertainment.

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