Bossing The Boss by Piper Trace

Bossing The Boss by Piper Trace
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (39 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Lauren is wound as tight as a spring—stingy with her praise, her emotions and her heart. The youngest VP of sales in the firm’s history, she’s far too busy to attend the office party, which means when her sleeve is caught in the shredder, she’s trapped, vulnerable, in the deserted offices.

Her best salesman, the handsome and charismatic Rob, has a secret—he’s a dominant and hasn’t been able to find the right submissive to satisfy his insatiable needs. When he rounds the corner of the file room and finds his stuck-up and domineering boss bound and helpless in a provocative position, he can’t help his body’s natural and intense reaction.

Lauren is always in charge. She could never be a submissive. And yet Rob’s words and touch make her yearn to submit. And Rob wants nothing more than to show Lauren exactly who’s boss.

Lauren Scott is a take-no-prisoners boss. Expecting nothing but success and the very hardest of work from herself as well as her team, she’s never going to win a popularity contest at her workplace and couldn’t care less about it. Her team’s sales far outstrip the other groups and that makes her rightfully proud. She drove all her team hard – but only Rob Quinn looked back at her like he wanted to accept the unintended challenge. Only he made her body tingle and tempted her to break her strict no-dating-her-colleagues policy.

When she gets stuck in an awkward position after hours, Rob’s there to help her. Sparks fly and for a few minutes their roles reverse – Rob is in charge and she has no real choice but to follow his lead. Turned on beyond belief, Lauren can’t hide her excitement or her physical reaction to their situation. Pushed beyond her normal boundaries, Rob opens her eyes to a whole other side of herself and the sensual life she discovers she wants to lead.

I found the pacing in this short story almost perfect. While it moves at a fast clip, there is plenty of time for the reader to get to know Lauren and her thoughts/observations about Rob. The sexual chemistry and tension of their situation is drawn out but not to the degree where I started to skim over to the next paragraph. Like a perfect strip tease, there’s enough sensuality and time to relish every moment, but the words don’t drag and make you want to speed it up any. Even though both Lauren and Rob are fairly easily understandable characters, there’s enough vibrancy and life in them to make me enjoy their discovery of each other and thoroughly enjoy their coming together.


  1. Fern, thank you so much for reviewing my book! I was thrilled to read your thoughts on it. I wish you could write ALL of my book blurbs! Your description of the book was so fabulous and well-written. It made ME want to read the book, and I wrote it! 😉

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I’m very excited about my next book, Come When Called, which also explores the psychology and thrill of a domination/submission relationship, but that book is SUPER long and is taking forever to complete! Reviews like this, though, give me lots of energy to do that hundredth editing pass through those 30,000+ words…

    Thanks again! Piper

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