Blue Flamingo by Joyce V Harrison

Blue Flamingo by Joyce V Harrison
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (59 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

When his father dies, 24-year-old Dylan Ryker finds a matchbook his dad had hidden in a drawer. Could it be a clue to the identity of his mystery birth mother? The matchbook, from a bar called the Blue Flamingo, takes him from Chicago to a village in the Florida Panhandle where he goes to work for the owner, Rita Cornwall. He’s sure this woman knows something but she’s not telling.

In his search for answers to where he came from and where his future lies, Dylan finds himself in harm’s way, threatened by a local troublemaker and warned by a religious fanatic to stay away from his daughter, conflicts that will lead him to the truth but not the one he imagined.

Dylan Ryker has never known his mother, and when his father dies in an accident her sorts out his father’s belongings and takes to the road. The only clue he has found to his mother is a matchbook with the logo “Blue Flamingo” on the cover.

By accident he ends up in the town where a lady called Rita runs the Blue Flamingo bar. Dylan gets a job as barman and hopes the owner will be able to help him with information regarding his mother. Dylan comes across as a nice young man. He is attracted to Jena Staley but tries to keep his distance when her father objects to his presence.

I like the fact the answer to Dylan’s mother’s identity does not come until the end of the book and even then is a surprise. There are many side paths to the story with bullies, an overbearing father and Dylan’s quest each taking an equal part. A little slow in parts, but a nice read with unusual twists.

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