Blown Away by Rose Wulf

Blown Away by Rose Wulf
Elemental Series Book 2
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (175 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

Madison Price is new to town, trying to build a life for herself as the Head Chef at Earl’s Diner. Needing to move into a second new home before she was ever fully settled was just a small setback – a positive one, if her gorgeous new landlord was any indication. But she and Nate came from entirely different worlds, so she resolved to keep her distance.

Nate Hawke was immediately smitten with his new renter. There was really only one problem: his family was still being targeted by an unknown, lightning powered enemy. Getting close to her would only endanger her; or so he thought before his enemy went ahead and burned Earl’s Diner to the ground anyway.

Now the chemistry between them is pulling them together, and Madison finds her biggest hang up has nothing to do with the fact that her new boyfriend can fly. She’s afraid they’re incompatible, and she’s more afraid that he won’t live long enough to prove her wrong.

Nate wants to keep his distance for Madison’s safety, but is she already a target?

When Madison rented Nate’s guest house, she had no idea she was stepping into the middle of an ancient feud. Before she knows it, she finds herself the target of a lightning powered foe determined to make Nate, his family, and everyone they care about suffer. Nate never would have rented his house to Madison if he thought she’d be in danger, but now that she’s moved in, he can’t turn her away. Nate is determined to keep an eye on Madison, but can he really protect her from an enemy who doesn’t fight fair?

Madison’s warm and caring personality make it very easy to like her. She’s the kind of woman who reaches out to others when they are hurting. Madison has definitely had some hard times in her past, making it easy to empathize with others going through their own rough patches. Madison also has quite a bit of spunk about her. When she discovers the truth about Nate and the enemy family, she proves she’s no damsel in distress. She takes a few unnecessary risks that had me shaking my head, but Madison does prove to be quite capable of defending herself in a pinch. I found her use of a fire extinguisher particularly entertaining.

Nate is generally an easy going guy, but the thought of Madison being in danger has him all riled up. She works her way into his heart before he even realizes what is happening. At first, Madison and Nate think dating is a bad idea, especially with an enemy lurking in the shadows waiting to exploit any weakness in the Hawke family. However, Madison and Nate can’t fight their mutual attraction for long. I applaud their decision to move forward with their relationship. Not letting their enemy steal all the joy from their lives is a big victory in my opinion.

In the first book of the series, Deep Waters, very little is known about the enemy family, but I strongly suspected one of the secondary characters of being up to no good. My suspicions were proven true. Unfortunately, another character was not who they seemed and the betrayal rocks one of members of the Hawke family to their core.

Now that all the enemies have been revealed, I have questions about why this family is going after the Hawke family now. The lightning powered family could have attacked at any time, so why now? Are these families the only ones of their kind in existence now? Does the lightening family view this as some sort of final battle? I hope to find answers to my questions in other installments of the series.

Ms. Wulf crafted a very intense fight scene between the two opposing families near the end of the book that gave me goose bumps. Nate and his brothers have no experience with fighting, so I had no idea how it would turn out. Fortunately, the Hawke brothers are very smart and they come up with an excellent strategy before they engage their enemy. I enjoyed watching each brother wield their individual powers. They even manage to turn their enemy’s powers against them, but will it be enough? Will Nate and his family come out of the fight unscathed?

Blown Away is a great addition to Ms. Wulf’s Elemental series. Madison and Nate’s story is fun and fast paced with just a dash of suspense. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book in the series.

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