Black Jade Dragon by Susan Brassfield Cogan

Black Jade Dragon by Susan Brassfield Cogan
Publisher: CoganBooks
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (204 Pages)
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

The Way that can be traveled
is not the eternal Way.

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Angie says:
Thievery isn’t actually my vocation. It’s really more of a pursuit. It’s only my day job. I’m really an actress … just kidding.

Angie is a thief, a good thief. She’s on the run from the Hong Kong police and she pays the captain of a fishing boat to take her anywhere else. Once they are out to sea, they get caught in a storm. The captain is forced to land on Shaolong Island, the home of nine dragons. Angie’s relief at getting away from the Hong Kong police is short lived. She still has her grandfather’s sword and a cache of stolen diamonds, but soon she is involved in the affairs of dragons.

Angie is a spunky, sassy heroine. She is not out to save the world, but just to get whatever she can for herself, or so she thinks. The dragons don’t pay much attention to her and really don’t care whether she is there or not, but when a sweet old lady gets murdered as Angie watches, and the weapon is Angie’s sword, Angie just steps up to figure things out. She feels very guilty because the woman was killed in the middle of Angie’s attempt to steal a very valuable pearl. Soon, Angie is trying to avoid the Silver Dragon, the husband of the murdered woman.

The pacing is excellent, with non-stop action. There are many plot twists as well, which kept me guessing. Angie denies that she wants to help, but her actions belie her words. There is also a nice overlay of Buddhist sayings which really fit the various situations. The world on Shaolong Island seems very real and I felt as if I, too, were being chased by dragons.

Fantasy lovers, especially those who enjoy dragon tales, are in for a treat with Black Jade Dragon. The story has a completely fitting ending, but I’ve learned that there is another book in the series, Dragon Sword, and I’ve already added it to my list of must read books.

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