Billionaire 42 by Anna Lores

Billionaire 42 by Anna Lores
Publisher: Blooming Cactus Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (72 pages)
Other: M/F, Exhibitionism (live-streaming sex), Spanking
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

A woman willing to bare it all. A man ready to do whatever it takes. Two people, driven to the brink by desperation.

Lissa Trade wants love, marriage and a family with her billionaire boss. But, seducing him proves to be impossible, and she’s done waiting. A virgin, she signs up to star on a private, live-stream, matchmaking show. With a billionaire businessman as her lover, and the promise of a pregnancy, Lissa hopes to finally have a bundle of joy to love more than the sun, moon, and stars…
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Business mogul Blake Greystoke thinks he’s too old for the one woman who makes his heart skip a beat. But when he finds out she’s going on a sensual, online reality show, he throws caution to the wind for a chance to win her heart, and make his dreams of a family with her come true.

Will the steamy, reality live-stream bring them a happily ever after, or tear them apart?

Lissa had worked diligently for Blake Greystoke for ten years, and despite her best efforts the man had barely noticed her, let alone shown any sexual interest. Determined to move on, she signs up to an exclusive billionaire club where an anonymous member bids automatically on her to help her lose her virginity. Lissa is determined to keep her secrets – but Blake has a few of his own too.

I found this to be a fun and sexy short story. While I found the auction part of the plot fairly predictable I really enjoyed that so much of Lissa’s past and the dating site she and Blake used to come together was really quite different and fresh to me. Even though it’s made clear from the start that Lissa has been in love with Blake for years and years, they are sexually intimate very quickly in the story. There are plenty of really modern/different elements in the story – particularly related to the auction site, things like live-streaming plenty of the sexual experiences of the virgins, and the tattoo that’s part of the contract they sign.

A lot of the romantic and emotional connections though are far more down to earth and relatable, I feel. I really enjoyed Zane’s character – Lissa’s best friend – and how he worked both Lissa and Blake and helped bring them together. I also thought Lissa’s past was both interesting and a good element to cut some of the over-the-top aspect to the sex and auction website. While I found the perspective swapping through the chapters (from Blake’s perspective to Lissa’s) made the book as a whole feel a little choppy to me, I can completely understand why the author did this. Not being able to see things from Blake’s perspective would have made it a lot harder for me as a reader to comprehend his genuine feelings or understand where Blake was coming from throughout a lot of the story. This head hopping was definitely needed in my opinion, but it made the story feel slightly disjointed (to me at least) at the same time.

The sex was steamy hot and I really loved how Blake and Lissa both loved each other very much and didn’t just want the sex itself or the baby they were trying to conceive. While definitely heavy on the eroticism this was also a story about two people in love – and that was the romantic part of the story that I really enjoyed the most. With some interesting characters, a complicated history and an extremely modern take on dating – this is a surprisingly different story that I feel a lot of readers should enjoy.

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