Beneath the Badge by Donna Alward

Beneath the Badge by Donna Alward
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (97 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Quince

They both have courage…until it comes to love.

First Responders, Book 4

RCMP officer Matt Parker is weary from years of soul-draining work undercover and on special task forces. He’d like to erase one of his recent cases from his memory forever, but it haunts him night and day.

A temporary assignment to cover for an officer on maternity leave could be the small-town, low-demand break he needs to put the past behind him. Especially with the sexy local vet, who makes him forget everything but the way her body feels in his arms.

Lindsay Snow can’t help but notice the new cop in her small town—he’s hot, charming and—best of all—he’s not in town for long. When a call to shut down a horrific puppy mill exposes the tough, sexy cop’s dark memories, Lindsay’s heart wants desperately to reach out to him. Even as her instincts remind her that relationships are just a train wreck waiting to happen…

It is common knowledge that a book should be not judged by its cover. The same can be said for people. A hot guy who has a beautiful smile, great body, and wears a uniform can be a much more than meets the eyes. The heroine of Beneath the Badge, Lindsay Snow, judged Matt Parker based on her first impression and she was so wrong. Matt was more than just a great body in a police officer’s uniform.

In this short contemporary romance novel that is both sweet and dark, readers will meet two deeply wounded characters. At first it seems that they are irreversibly broken, but once they decide to give a relationship a try, they are able to overcome their sadness and open their hearts to love. And with love, the healing process started.

What I loved the most about Beneath the Badge were the characters. Both Lindsay and Matt are strong individuals who have a lot of emotional wounds, which are really serious and are a great obstacle for their relationship. But the author did a marvelous job in resolving their issues in a realistic way. The story focused solely on the development of their relationship, and there are no secondary characters.

Due to the complexity of the characters, this was an emotional read for me. I experienced a roller coaster of emotions and I enjoyed it very much. I learned something from this story; that you cannot help a person who does not want to be helped, no matter how hard you try.

Great characters and an interesting storyline is what made Beneath the Badge a great read for me. I highly recommend it.

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