Beneath His Touch by Morgan Sierra

Beneath His Touch by Morgan Sierra
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (35 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Anal Play, Spanking
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Owen and Gail Carpenter have an idyllic marriage. Nice home. Nice kids. Nice everything… Nice and boring. When Owen finds a piece of erotica penned in his wife’s handwriting, he realizes she just might be into sex that isn’t so, well…nice. If what she’s written can arouse him to such a level, he can’t wait to find out if she’s willing to take things from the page to the bedroom.

Owen Carpenter has been married to Gail for fourteen years. They have a happy life, a wonderful home and loving children. But one night, Owen finds an erotic fantasy Gail has penned and a secret aspect to his wife unfolds in front of him. The words make him burn with need and blush from their erotic sensuality. How could this part of Gail have been hidden from him for so long? Intrigued, he finishes reading the story, thrilled when her commanding Master has his name. Turned on beyond belief, Owen knows their sex life is going to change—dramatically—from now on.

I enjoyed story, it gives a completely different view on the “normal” the erotic romance. What happens after the hero and the heroine have won the day, ridden off into the sunset and are in the middle of their happily ever after? Once the initial burning passion has banked – it’s still present, but stifled under running the kids to softball practice and school. When Tuesday is spaghetti day, Friday is pizza, and sex is on Saturday evening when the house quiets down? From the first moment it’s clear Gail and Owen love each other deeply – this isn’t a story of a man winning his woman (or a woman claiming her man). This is about a happy, contented couple learning to push their boundaries and break out of the rut day to day life threatens to become.

I found this book to be deliciously hot and extremely enticing. It’s kinky – but not so much as to be a turn off or something you can’t share with a close girlfriend for fear of getting “a look”. Better still – overriding all the hot, sensual BDSM play is the strong and very true love between Owen and Gail. While I really enjoyed Owen and Gail, they were very “normal” characters, initially I wished the author had gone a bit more in depth to their characteristics – made them stand out more as individuals in my head. But then part of me wondered if this was done on purpose, to show they could be any loving, long-time-married couple. While I felt that zing of connection you often feel to a character wasn’t there, I still deeply related to them and the situation they found themselves in – that of every day, week, month bleeding into the same-old same-old routine.

Overall I highly enjoyed this book. It was a hot, short and very tasty read, with a bit of spice and a lot of love. Recommended.

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