Beneath a Sicilian Sun by Lynette Rees

Beneath a Sicilian Sun by Lynette Rees
Publisher: Taliesin Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (109 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Journalist Joanne Smith encounters Sicilian millionaire Dante Alphonso while conducting an interview for Life Today magazine. Dante has been well known to the media for years, where constant scorn has been thrown upon the playboy lifestyle of his younger years. He detests that reputation as he would much prefer to be known for his charity work for The Children’s Hope and Dream Foundation, an organization he established to help terminally ill children achieve their wishes.

Dante has already had his fingers burned by bloodhound journalists, but takes a chance on Joanne, inviting her to his home country to visit his vineyard and meet the Alphonso Family. Things begin to sizzle between them under the Sicilian sun as Joanne embraces their lifestyle.

A thorn in the side for Joanne is Dante’s ex, Carla, a strong alpha female whose family owns a rival vineyard in the area. Carla betrayed Dante before, so trusting any woman is difficult for him.

However, Joanne has a secret she has kept from Dante, which is stopping her from growing close to him. The secret is revealed after he invites her on board his luxury yacht on the way to the island of Lipari.

Will their love for one another be strong enough to withstand the stormy seas that lie ahead? Or will it get washed up on the shore?

Sparks ignite when love and lust collide beneath a Sicilian sun.

Joanne Smith, a journalist, meets Dante Alphonso for an interview. Dante is very hesitant and suspicious of journalists as the relationship between him and the media has never been that good. He wants to be known for his charity work not for his previous playboy lifestyle. He invites Joanne to his home country, visit his vineyard and meet the Alphonso Family. During this working/vacation trip they get to know each other and start building a relationship. However, Dante’s ex who owns a rival vineyard in the area has already caused a lot of heartache to Dante that makes him reluctant to trust and get hurt.

Dante is not the only one with walls around his heart. Joanne has something that makes it difficult for her to get close to him and get on with life. This is not the last of it.

Another betrayal–or is it a betrayal?–tests Joanne and Dante’s relationship. The question is will they survive all this? Will they come out of this storm intact?

Joanne is an independent, career minded and principled woman. Dante is a millionaire businessman who does charity work however his past behavior gets drudged up again and again affecting the reputation of the charity. Both of them has pasts and hurts that they need to go through and they do go through the pain and forgiveness of it all together. That’s what I absolutely loved about this. They learn to forgive themselves and others.

Joanne and Dante not only have an understanding towards each other but are also immensely passionate. Their chemistry is sizzling. Unlike some books it is not lust at first sight. That is very refreshing. Their relationship at first is professional. No hint of any chemistry between them. Their relationship developed slowly. I absolutely loved that because it felt so realistic rather than the usual. I was better able to relate to the characters and story because of this.

The author has done a very good job of describing the scenery and location. I got transported to Sicily. It was like I was living the character. I was seeing everything described in this. This story is also very emotional and touching with everything that happens. The emotions that they feel are expressed beautifully.

Beneath a Sicilian Sun is a very tender and moving novelette, with heartache and love, forgiveness and pain, and family and children. A contemporary romance not only about the lead characters also about family. I give this book a good recommendation.

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