Beginning To Believe by Sean Michael

Beginning To Believe by Sean Michael
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (81 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Tyler’s a fun-loving, surfing mechanic who loves his life and lives every day to the fullest. When he meets potential client Kit, he’s immediately attracted and ready to get to know the man better.

Kit’s a music producer who used to do the singing himself. He was quite the star, actually, until an accident in his tour bus took whipped out nearly his entire band. Kit didn’t come out it unscathed, though. Along with emotional scars, he lost both legs and hasn’t sung a note since.

Tyler’s more concerned with how Kit makes him feel than whether or not the man has artificial limbs, and he pursues Kit eagerly. Can Tyler help Kit to believe in love again?

Tyler knows his bikes. Kit is referred to him for a recommendation on purchasing a new motorcycle. Kit has some very specific stability requirements for his new machine, because he’s lost both his legs, one just under the knee, one slightly over. Tyler takes the knowledge easily in stride, and very soon both men are talking machinery like old buddies. When they head off for dinner, the chemistry starts to sizzle, and although Kit feels somewhat shy and rusty, they flirt up a storm. Could Tyler be the man to finally have Kit opening his heart again and beginning to believe?

I was nervous starting this book, I often find stories where the main character/s have problems after an accident to either gloss over the issues or to dwell so much on them the romance/eroticism gets lost. I was delighted to find this story didn’t fall into either category. Kit and Tyler speak a lot, especially in the beginning, of the accident and Kit’s loss, but that didn’t lessen the growing attraction and chemistry between them. The author did a great job of balancing the realities of the accident with the blooming romance between the two men. I didn’t feel like his issues were swept under the carpet, but neither did they bog down the story and romance. I was really impressed.

With a slow and easy pace, I found the author did an amazing job drawing out that delicious “getting to know you” phase of any relationship. The sex was hot but also incredibly tender and romantic. I feel this will appeal to many M/M readers, and would also be a good book for beginners. Sexy and steamy, this is an intensely erotic story. I enjoyed how both men stayed true to themselves, but were willing to come together and compromise where needed.

A wonderful, hot book I greatly enjoyed. Recommended.

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