Bedded by the Italian Playboy by Emma Shortt

Bedded by the Italian Playboy by Emma Shortt
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (137 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lisianthus

He’s a playboy who thinks all women are his for the taking. She’s a virgin who has no intention of being taken…

When Dominic Rimeria almost runs Rachel ‘the Madonna’ Matthews over, he has no idea that their meeting is far from a chance occurrence. With her blonde hair, blushes, and blue eyes she is his perfect woman made real. Dominic wants her, and what he wants he gets. It is simply a question of when, not if.

Only Rachel is out to get something else entirely from the Italian billionaire, and if making him burn is what it takes then so be it. After all, she has no intention of submitting…but then she didn’t bank on Dominic’s skills in seduction. Before long, Rachel has to guard against more than just her secrets…she has to guard against her heart too.

This is the second in a trilogy about three foster sisters who must find a way to get money from three different billionaires. This is the story of Rachel ‘the Madonna’ Matthews and Dominic Rimeria. From the moment Dominic almost runs Rachel over, it’s instant lust between them with Dominic unaware that he was in her sights from the very beginning. Rachel has a plan to make Dominic burn for her while staying aloof.

Rachel was likeable, sweet, and determined not to fall for Dominic. Dominic was strong, sexy, and used to getting what he wants and he wants Rachel. I loved watching Dominic truly fall for Rachel, even though he was falling for the image she portrayed. I easily saw how Dominic could dazzle and make Rachel fall so in love so quickly that she forgets her mission.

I enjoyed the first book but this book was even more enjoyable to me. There was just something about Dominic and Rachel’s love and their courtship that called to me. It was a sweet whirlwind affair but I enjoyed it immensely. The ending was very satisfying and I’m waiting anxiously for the next story.

I recommend this to fans of sweet yet sexy category romance.

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