Beautiful Scars by Shiloh Walker

Beautiful Scars by Shiloh Walker
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (238 pages)
Other: M/F, anal Play
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Sunflower

Some scars cut right to the heart.

Three years after her divorce, Chaili Bennett is over her ex. Her only problem now? Of the few men she’s dated since, no one “gets” her. Not like Marc Archer—a man who’s never seen her as more than a friend.

Marc Archer needs a date for a last-minute charity event, and he needs it fast. Not that women aren’t throwing themselves at his world-famous face and body, but sometimes it’s less messy—as in less personal—to use his sister Shera’s escort service.

The last woman on earth Marc expects to see in his sister’s office is Chaili. There’s something different about her, but nothing pleases him more when Shera sets them up. That simple date quickly evolves into much more as they both discover the other fills a deep, secret need they’ve shared with no one else.

Though Chaili insists one night is all she wants, Marc isn’t walking away now. Not until he discovers what put the shadows in her eyes. And the scars on her soul.

There comes a time to open your eyes and hear to love. Maybe from someone you’d never expect to find it with, but they’ve been right in front of your face the entire time.

Marc and Chaili have been friends for years. But that’s all it’s ever been. Just friends. Until they give into their desires one night after Chaili becomes his quick date for an event. Both have scars from their pasts, some are emotion and some physical.

Chaili is divorced and while it’s for the better, she finds dating difficult. She wants someone that understands her quirks and her flaws, and that can also see past the physical scars that are upon her body. Chaili may be considered a broken soul to some, on the fragile side, but mess with her and you’ll have hell to pay.

Marc is looking for his inner muse again. He needs something to replenish his soul. He never expected to find that in Chaili. He learns about her inner demons and the ugly truth that made up her past, but he can easily look past that to follow his heart with her.

The story is full of hot sex, soulful conversations and just a bit of heartbreak. I found that the characters weren’t fully developed. I didn’t connect as easily with Marc and Chaili as I have in Ms. Walker’s other stories. While erotic in nature, the sex scenes had plenty of emotion packed behind them. It wasn’t sex for the sake of having sex. I just hoped for a little more insight to the history of Chaili and Marc. There’s a bit of anal play and discussion of a past relationship that borders on the lines of BDSM, but there really isn’t any of that between the characters now. Beautiful Scars is filled with heat, heart and two souls that bond into one to find a love as powerful as ever. Chaili and Marc have their quirks and habits, but they find that they have the strength to love again. The happy ending felt a little abrupt, but other than that, I enjoyed the way things wrapped up.

If you’re looking for a hot read featuring a singer and a woman that helps bring out the better man in him, check out Beautiful Scars.

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