Bachelor’s Bait by Mari Carr


Bachelor’s Bait by Mari Carr
Cocktales Book 3
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (107 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

Sophia Kennedy is determined to chase her own success, rather than ride her father’s coattails. She’s devoted herself to Books and Brew, the business she owns with her three best friends. She doesn’t feel the need to explain herself to anyone, least of all the free-aid lawyer who’s determined to judge her as a society princess. She’d ignore him altogether…if it were up to her mind. But nooooo. Her body just has to have its say—and it’s using words like “gorgeous”, “hot” and “sexy”. Soon, annoyance turns to attraction, verbal sparring to physical satisfaction as the couple is drawn together by a common cause.

Marc Garrett has no time for a relationship. And he certainly doesn’t want a rich society fixture, though the damning evidence below his belt suggests otherwise. The more he comes to know his hardworking princess, the more he wants her, again and again. Marc’s falling hard, but after holding Sophie’s wealth against her, how will she react when she learns of his own rather prosperous roots?

Assumptions: you know what they say about them.

When Sophia Kennedy mows lawyer Marc Garrett down outside the nail salon, he assumes the society princess is working with her father toward the same goal. After a mix-up with cell phones, Marc soon discovers his ideas about Sophie are as far from his original preconceived notions as he could be. The more Sophie is around Marc, the harder it is to ignore her attraction to him, but she is determined to prove to Marc that he is wrong about what he says her father is planning. When she learns that he isn’t, Sophie is determined to stop her father, and save the community center that holds so many happy memories for her. Marc is drawn to Sophie, but what will happen when she discovers that Marc is from a family every bit as prominent as she is, and that he held her family connections against her while hiding his own? As they work together to save the community center, can they learn to accept each other, and find the passion inside? Can they forget about family, money and connections, and focus on love and the future?

Bachelor’s Bait is the third of Mari Carr’s Cocktales books from Ellora’s Cave. Each book focuses on one of the partners in the Book and Brew establishment, a combination bookstore and bar, and a very novel idea. I like the atmosphere here, and enjoyed the world Ms. Carr created for her four college friends to inhabit. Each title is also the name of a mixed drink, and Ms. Carr includes the recipe for the title drink in the book. Each of the characters are well defined and realistic, and these are people you might meet in any town.

Sophia Kennedy is smart, determined and loyal to friends and family, always giving folks a fair chance. I liked that Sophie didn’t automatically side with her father, but instead took the time to get the truth about things. I also loved her zest for life, and her willingness to go all in for a cause when she believed in it. And her inner dialog about Marc was hilarious at times. I enjoyed watching as she fought so hard to resist him, but that she finally went with her heart.

Marc is smart, handsome and dedicated to helping people. He wants to make it on his own, just like Sophie, and I enjoyed watching as he came to realize how much he and Sophie had in common. I enjoyed the sassy conversations between Marc and Sophie, and the relationship they established as they fought to save the community center was delightful to watch.

The chemistry between Sophie and Marc was electric at times, and the secondary characters were as detailed as the main here and heroine. Ms. Carr is a master at building sexual tension, and this story had plenty to keep me on the edge of my seat, waiting to see when, not if, these two would connect. There is such a sense of camaraderie between Sophie and her partners, I could tell these women are in this for the long term success they so deserve. This is a wonderful romance, with hot moments, sarcasm, and a happy ever after that is well deserved. Do they accomplish everything they set out to do? I’m not telling, you need to read Bachelor’s Bait and find out. But bring plenty of ice water, you’ll need it.

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